Made in Staten Island: Seven things you didn't know about Taylor O'Toole

Taylor O’Toole is known as the ‘guy’s girl’ on Made in Staten Island.

She has no tolerance for attitude or disrespect and is considered the ‘muscles’ of the group by castmate Paulie Fusco

Your favourite Staten Islander may be her twin, Joe, but we definitely wouldn’t recommend saying that to Taylor’s face!

Here are seven things you didn’t know about Taylor O’Toole!

Screen Shot: Taylor O’Toole – MTV, Made in Staten Island S1E2

Taylor O’Toole Has a Twin

Out of her entire family, Taylor is closest to her twin brother, Joe.

Looking at the pair, though, you wouldn’t guess that they’re twins!

Screen Shot: Joe and Taylor O’Toole – MTV, Made in Staten Island S1E2

She Has Three Other Siblings

Taylor also has three other siblings.

She has an older brother called Matthew, a younger sister called Gianna and another younger brother called Vinny.

Taylor O’Toole is on Probation

Last year, Taylor pleaded guilty on a case regarding assault and robbery.

She is out on a three-year conditional charge.

If for any reason at all she gets arrested then her case will be re-opened and she could get locked away for as long as seven years!

Screen Shot: Taylor O’Toole – MTV, Made in Staten Island S1E2

She is an Aquarius

Happy belated birthday, girl!

Taylor and Joe recently turned 22 years old.

Obviously, they both share the same birthday… on January 22nd!

Taylor O’Toole Has Instagram

Taylor is a selfie queen!

Her followers are steadily growing, as she starts her Staten Island journey with 8,000 followers.

One thing we can take from her Instagram is that she’s all about that natural look.

Foller her under @taylorotoolee.

Screen Shot: Taylor O’Toole’s Instagram – Instagram

She Has a New Boyfriend

According to Instagram, Taylor is currently seeing a new guy.

While filming Made in Staten Island, she dated a guy named Alec.

But in this photo… well, that ain’t Alec.

Taylor is in Beauty School

With a record, Taylor has to be a model citizen for the next three years.

Trying not to get sucked deeper into the street life, Taylor has herself enrolled into beauty school.

Screen Shot: Taylor in beauty school – MTV, Made in Staten Island S1E2



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