Meet Meaghan on Instagram - Old Wife, New Wife teen caught between two bitter exes!

Meet Meaghan on Instagram - Old Wife, New Wife teen caught between two bitter exes!

Old Wife, New Wife is back for a second season and it’s more explosive than ever.

The Channel 5 show aims to bring together divided families, as for one-week, exes will move back in with each other but also with their new partners – eek!

So who are the couples and exes taking part in this social experiment?

Here’s everything you need to know about new wife Meaghan from episode 1 (Wednesday, April 24th).

Meaghan Fisher, New Wife.

Who is Meaghan?

Meaghan Leona Fisher is a 19-year-old from Tamworth, near Birmingham.

After graduating from Woodhouse Business and Enterprise College, she began her career as a hairstylist.

She has been working at local salon Shear Success since 2016 and is seriously a wizz at transforming hair!

Does Meaghan have Instagram?


Meaghan has a public Instagram for her hairstyling work, which you can follow at @hairbymeaghanleona_.

However, her personal Instagram account @meaghanxleona is private.

Is Meaghan still with Cyren?

After the dramatic first episode, fans were left wondering whether Cyren and Meaghan would survive as a couple.

After Cyren admitted to having cheated on his ex Laura, Meaghan feared he would do the same and things got heated between the two.

But from the looks of Meaghan’s Facebook profile, the two are still happily together and in love.

Despite the show’s title, these two are not actually married, but things look very serious between the two so wedding bells may be ringing soon!



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