It may seem like the greatest job in the world to be paid to look after cute puppies, however, as the trainers on Puppy School show us, it’s quite the challenge!

But who are the trainers on the new Channel 4 show?

Meet Oli, Katie and Hannah, the no-nonsense trainers who can sort out even the most unruly of pups and inexperienced of owners!

Pictured: Katie Patmore, Oli Juste, Hannah Molloy.

Hannah Molloy

Apart from appearing on the show, Brummie Hannah runs her own dog training and education company called Pawfect Dogsense.

After graduating with a BSc in Animal Behaviour, she has become a dog behaviour specialist and has been working in the field for over fifteen years!

Not only does Hannah spend all her working hours dedicated to dogs, but she also spends all of her free time working with dogs as well. Check out some of the organisations she works with like Pets As Therapy and Medical Detection Dogs.

Oli Juste

Oli is a dog trainer and behaviouralist based in London.

He works privately and if you’re looking for someone to sort your pup out, Oli is your guy! He’s even trained the pooches of celebs and has testimonials from the likes of Mary Portas. Check out his website, here.

Besides his everyday work, Oli is an award-winning blogger! He writes about everything dog related, including training tips and tricks.


Katie Patmore

With over 30-years of experience in dog training, it is safe to say you’re in good hands with Katie.

Katie originally was working as a social worker but made the switch to working with animals as they’d always been her passion.

She obtained a MA in Anthrozoology – the interactions between human and non-human animals – in 2015 which has led Katie to now dub herself “a dog social worker”.

She is based in Sheffield and works in a variety of behavioural clinics but also privately. Check out her website for more information about her practices.

Pictured: Katie Patmore



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