Meet Rogue to Wrestler 2019 winner Marguerita Vonral - BBC Scotland's latest hero!

Meet Rogue to Wrestler 2019 winner Marguerita Vonral - BBC Scotland's latest hero!

BBC Scotland’s Rogue to Wrestler reached its conclusion on Tuesday, April 9th.

The four remaining contestants fought it out for the chance to win the Rogue to Wrestler champion’s belt, but only one could take home the coveted prize after wowing the audience with their showstopping wrestling performance.

So who took home the belt?

Read on for everything you need to know about Marguerita Vonral – the show’s only female contestant who beat the rest in the final showdown.

Rogue to Wrestler E3.

Who is Marguerita Vonral?

Marguerita – also known as Mags – is a 34-year-old originally from Glasgow.

She has been the only female contestant to enter Rogue to Wrestler and has made it all the way to the final.

You can follow Marguerita’s activities on her Instagram @margueritavonral.

What does she do?

She makes glitzy and glorious bikinis for bodybuilders and wrestlers.

Hopefully, she’ll continue this work despite taking home the champion’s belt and her wrestling career looming on the horizon, as she’s extremely talented!

Check out some of her best designs below…

Who is her boyfriend?

Marguerita is with partner and fellow bodybuilder Tom Coleman.

Together they co-founded a clothing brand called Prestige Lifestyle.

And they regularly post cute couple pics to Instagram of their travels and joint workouts, so definitely give them a follow!

Who is she related to?

The Scottish Sun revealed that Marguerita Vonral has quite an exciting family history.

She is the granddaughter of notorious gangster Walter Norval.

After having a monopoly over the ganglands of Glasgow, Walter was jailed for 14 years in 1977 and passed away in 2014.

However, Marguerita claimed she “wasn’t privy” to the full extent of his crimes and thought he was merely a “thief”.

Rogue to Wrestler winner: Marguerita!

Marguerita wowed both the audience and the judges with her stellar final performance.

Happy with her own performance, she said she’d found something in her life which was a “game changer”.

Keen to continue on with a career in wrestling, Marguerita has her eye set on the ICW Women’s Championship belt to add to her collection.

Marguerita in Rogue to Wrestler final.



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