Meet the brave cast members baring all on new Channel 4 show The Naked Beach!

Channel 4’s brand new series The Naked Beach lands on our screens this Thursday, April 11th!

The show will be led by Dr Keon West and Natasha Devon, who will seek to help the cast members on their journey to body positivity and confidence.

But who are the brave people baring all on the telly?

Here’s everything you need to know about the cast of The Naked Beach!

Group picture of the ‘host cast’.

How does the show work?

Each week three people lacking in body confidence will join a ‘host’ cast of near-naked and body confident Brits on a sunny Greek island.

However, it is up to them whether they join the hosts and strip down to their skivvies at the end of each episode.

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All that the host cast will be wearing throughout the show is body paint… so to get comfortable with them before the show airs, let’s take a look at who we will be seeing a lot of on our TVs!

Felicity Hayward

Felicity is going to be one of the regular members of the host cast.

She is a model and founder of the Self Love Brings Beauty movement, a company that organises workshops and events on body positivity and self love.

Check out her own Instagram @felicityhayward and the work she does!

Host: Felicity

Lala Love

Lala is a wardrobe stylist for House of Uni and model.

When she’s not working as these, she considers herself a fashion and self-love influencer!

Check out why on her Insta @lalaloveofficial and her work page @bylalalove.

Host: Lala

Dan Richards

After losing his right arm and shoulder in 2012 and being medically discharged from the Army, Dan has learnt to relove his body.

He now works as a model and body positivity influencer.

Dan will definitely make a great addition to the cast.

Check out his Insta @theonearmedwonder. 

Host: Dan

Molly Forbes

She calls herself ‘kitchen disco enthusiast’ in her Instagram bio, @mollyjforbes.

But Molly Forbes does much more that just disco dancing.

She is co-host of the Body Cons podcast, leading discussions on body image, parenting, feminism and diet culture!

Host: Molly

Jsky (AKA Jason)

This Mancunian singer is about to take the world by storm, and not just because of his hot off the press EP release!

To keep up to date with all Jsky-related news, music and otherwise, follow him @jskychat.

Host: Jsky (Jason)

Charlotte Hole

Charlotte is a blogger and Instagram influencer!

Join her following of over 43,000 on her Insta @ch32.

She preaches ‘well-being and self love’ and makes a great fit into The Naked Beach cast.

Host: Charlotte

Ayesha Perry-Iqbal

Ayesha is a Welsh model now based in London.

She is represented by Willhelmina Models in LA as well and often travels for her work.

She has a whopping 258k following on her Instagram @ayeshapi, which includes Love Island’s Megan Barton-Hanson!

Host: Ayesha

Ben Whit

Considering himself the UK’s first plus size male model, Ben is going to be a great addition to The Naked Beach cast.

He will certainly show the others how to wear their body with confidence!

Check out his Instagram @benrwhit to see some of his best modelling snaps.

Host: Ben



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