Exciting new travelling series Race Across the World kicks off on BBC Two on Sunday (Sunday, February 3rd), so let’s take a good look at the cast and couples.

There are ten contestants, five couples and – as you guessed it – a whole lot of travelling. The series will see these brave explorers travel a whopping 12,000 miles without catching a single flight.

Here’s a glance at the travel team…

Meet the cast of BBC Two’s “Race Across the World”, 2019

Race Across the World Cast: Jinda and Bindu

Our first couple is Jinda (46) and Bindu (48).

They are both from Nottingham, where they own a small retail chain.

After thirty years of marriage, Jinda and Bindu are yet to embark on their honeymoon! If this counts, then that’s one grand honeymoon.

Bindu said:

Now that our family is grown, we can leave the running of our businesses to them and are ready to start the next chapter in our life together.

a still of Jinda and Bindu from BBC Two’s “Race Across the World”, 2019

Race Across the World Cast: Felix and Josh

Meet Felix (32) and Josh (32), best friends and business partners.

Both of them co-own an arts venue in London. From their Instagrams, both are clearly passionate about fitness; from cycling to rock-climbing.

The pair set themselves a travelling challenge every year with Race Across the World clearly ticking all of the boxes for 2019.

You can follow Felix on Instagram under @felixmortimer and Josh at @joshnawras.

Darron and Alex

Darron (48) and Alex (20) are a father-son duo from Bradford.

Daddy Daz is a business systems specialist, while his son Alex is currently unemployed.

Darron said:

Over the past three years, Alex has lived with his mum, and we rarely see each other. I brought him up as a single parent from the ages of four to 16, and I want to get our relationship back on track and rediscover the bond we once had.

You fan follow Darron on Instagram at @oneman_onebike and Alex at @alexspeckzolte.

Race Across the World Cast: Natalie and Shameema

Natalie (38) and Shameema (38) are best friends living in different cities.

Shameema is a cognitive behavioural psychotherapist from Manchester, whereas Natalie is a freelance legal/artist liaison manager from London.

That’s not all though. Shameema is also a boxer!

Race Across the World posed a wonderful opportunity for the pair to venture out into the unknown. They have both had a rough time lately and are ready for the next adventure.

You can follow Shameema on Instagram at @shameema_x

a still of Natalie and Shameema from BBC Two’s “Race Across the World”, 2019

Sue and Clare

Last but certainly not least, we have lifelong friends Sue (57) and Clare (58).

Sue is apart of the Three Menopausal Maids Comedy Trio from Bishop’s Stortford. Clare, however, is a marketing and holiday lettings agent from Leeds.

Recently, Sue’s mother sadly passed away. Soon after, she heard about the show and decided that life was too short to pass up on such an opportunity. A wise decision.

a still of Sue and Clare from BBC Two’s “Race Across the World”, 2019


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