Last summer, the BBC brought a hilarious new reality show to our screens and now it’s gone worldwide thanks to Netflix. 

21 Again sees mothers undergo a mega makeover to slip into life alongside their out of touch daughters. To fix their relationships and get to know one another better, the mothers are posing as a 21-year-old for 21 days!

So who are the mothers and daughter duos taking part in this ridiculously hilarious experiment? Can it bring them closer together?

Here is everything you need to know about the 21 Again cast!

(L-R): Harjit, Rachel, Jo, Monera, Salena.

Jo and Devon

41-year-old Joanna Taverner-Averkiou is taking on the task of living the life of her social media obsessed daughter Devon.

The Essex duo is set for some awkward moments this series including a terrible Tinder date!

But they are also on the show to challenge conceptions about disabilities, of which Devon has both deafness and a genetic disorder which requires her to have a prosthetic leg.

Check out both Jo’s Instagram and Devon’s to keep up to date with the gorgeous mother-daughter duo.

Harjit and Kiran

Harjit and Kiran Kaur are from Leicester. Out of all the mums, Harjit is the eldest at 46, but you would not believe it looking at her – even pre-makeover!

Speaking about her strict Sikh upbringing, Harjit expressed how she didn’t really get to be a carefree 21-year-old. At the age of 18 she was married and by 19 was pregnant with her first child. Kiran has described Harjit as a “new mum” since the show.

You can follow Kiran’s professional Instagram. Recently, Kiran has embarked on a career as a baker!

Salena and Millie

Salena (40) and Millie (16) are also signed on to the show. However, this isn’t Salena’s first stint on TV, she’s also been on Cannonball and Change Your Tune.

Millie is known for her activism and isn’t afraid to get mum – and the rest of the 21 Again cast – involved. They even attended the Women’s March (March 8th, 2019) together!

Monera and Elesha

Monera is the youngest of all the 21 Again mothers, just 32-years-old. And this mum-of-three could certainly pass as a decade younger than she is. It’s a no brainer that her makeover was totally successful!

We found Monera on Instagram under the handle @monerapamela however she has a private account.

Rachel and Taylor

Science teacher Rachel Williamson (40) and her daughter Taylor (18) are also taking part.

The mother-daughter duo from Hasland, Derbyshire had quite the transformation not just in their relationship, but physically.

After Taylor expressed her desires for plastic surgery, mum Rachel decided to explore the world of lip fillers!

Check out both Taylor and Rachel’s Instagram profiles!



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