After the incredible success of Selling Sunset, the spin-off series Selling The OC is set to land on Netflix this week and fans can’t wait. However, before it starts, viewers want to know who will be making up the glamourous cast of the new series.

Even with a new location and characters to get to know, there will still be plenty of glamorous houses to show and drama on Selling The OC as we follow the twins Jason and Brett Oppenheim as they open a new branch in Newport, California.

Untold: The Rise and Fall of AND1 | Official Trailer | Netflix

Untold: The Rise and Fall of AND1 | Official Trailer | Netflix

Meet The Cast

Polly Brindle

Polly was born in West Yorkshire, England and made the move to America after being scouted for a modelling job at 15, making her our first foreign agent of the series.

According to her profile on The Oppenheim Group website, she fell in love with architecture while living and travelling in different countries across Europe.

Jason offered her a job at his company whilst she was studying for her real estate license.

Lauren Shortt

Lauren seems like she will bring some fire to the new series as when talking to she said, “Working in real estate is no joke – my biggest flex is most definitely maintaining my sobriety throughout my career!”

Lauren was with another brokerage when she was offered the job to work with The Oppenheim Group, but she decided to make the move and we hope it will be worth it.

Sean Palmieri

Originally from Florida, Sean previously worked at Sotheby’s and Coldwell Banker before joining The Oppenheim Group.

He and Jason had known a mutual group of agents that started off in Beverly Hills and when they were finally introduced, Sean landed his new job almost immediately due to his skills as a seller.

Kayla Cardona

According to her Oppenheim Group profile, Kayla, 33, was working with the highest-rated team on Zillow before becoming an award-winning agent in the top one per cent of her company.

When she isn’t busy selling houses, Kayla is spending time with her 15-year-old son Jordan.

Tyler Stanaland

Tyler has selling in his blood as he comes from a long line of estate agents with five generations following the same career path.

He worked alongside his dad for the past 12 years before making the decision to go his own way with The Oppenheim Group.

During his spare time, Tyler enjoys going surfing, travelling and sharing many pictures on his social media.

Brandi Marshall

Brandi has been working with Brett and Jason for close to a year already. The former public relations executive moved to Orange County and was approached for the position as well as to star in the show via Instagram.

The mum-of-two shared the news via her Instagram where she said:

Excited to officially share that over the summer, I made an important move to The Oppenheim Group in Newport. I am thrilled to take my Real Estate Career to the next level.

Alexandra Jarvis

Hailing from Alabama, Alexandra Jarvis is a lawyer and real estate agent. The agent is also close friends with Alexandra Rose, another of the groups agents.

Jarvis is engaged to Sergio Ducoulombier, the CEO of Slip Cash, a fintech company. For their first anniversary, she wrote in a caption, “The 52 weeks since this gorgeous man entered my life have been a true “more than” experience…More than what I had envisioned. More than what I had desired. Just continually “more than” and the love I have for this one is more than I could express in words.”

Alexandra Rose

Alexandra, who has a degree in finance and economics, was the first agent to work at the OC branch.

According to the brokerage, she brought in almost $100million in sales during her first few years working on the job – now that’s impressive!

Alexandra Hall

Yes, there is another Alexandra! This one is a mother of two. Her Instagram bio describes her as an entrepreneur.

Hall also frequently posts pictures with fellow “OC” cast members.



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