The 1900 Island is hitting our screens tonight (Monday, June 10th)!

After the new series aired on BBC Wales earlier this year, it was met with great success and so will be airing on BBC Two.

So who are the families taking part in this experiment and what is the show all about?

Read on to find out everything you need to know about The 1900 Island cast, where they are now and more!

The 1900 Island cast

What is The 1900 Island about?

The 1900 Island sees four families swap regular 21st-century life for a life one hundred years ago, living in a remote fishing village called Llanddwyn off the coast of Anglesey, Wales.

They will face extreme weather conditions, no power and take on a challenge which is almost as tough as Bear Grylls’ The Island!

But who is taking part in this experiment?

Meet the families…

The Davies

The Liverpudlian family includes 39-year-old mum Natalie and her 40-year-old husband Gavin. They have five kids called Ruby, Lily, Jude, Evan and Arlo.

The Davies family have documented their time on the show and after, what has stuck with them and so on, on their family Instagram account @thedaviesfamily1900island.

They also post all their updates on their family Twitter account @davies_1900.

Kate and Arwel

Kate Evans (38) and partner Arwel John (34) are from Swansea and the youngest couple taking part in the show.

Kate is a Geography lecturer at Aberystwyth University, whereas Arwel works as a blacksmith.

About the experience, Arwel said, ” I wasn’t daunted at the prospect of living simply. The boredom was the biggest challenge for me” whereas Kate said, “the rigidity of the gender and social roles were a big challenge for me”.

Kate and Arwel

The Barkers

The eldest of all contestants are 70-year-old Clive and his wife 68-year-old Cheryl, who are from Kent, England.

As Clive was a retired fisherman and both had knowledge of foraging, they proved valuable assets on the programme.

We found Cheryl on Instagram @cheryl.barker123!

The Barkers

The Powers

The Powers as a Welsh-speaking family of five from Cardiff.

The family is headed up by mum Lydia (40) who is an accountant and dad Gareth (36) who is a church leader and sports development officer for Cardiff Metropolitan University.

The Powers


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