Made in Staten Island’s cast members have already made a name for themselves – and not in a good way!

The MTV series aired for just three episodes before it disappeared, and MTV are yet to announce if and when the show is coming back.

All seven cast members have promised the series will be back with a huge surprise. So for now, it’s a case of getting to know them and waiting to see when they pop up on TV.

Screen Shot: Paulie and Karina - MTV, Made in Staten Island S1E3
Screen Shot: Paulie and Karina – MTV, Made in Staten Island S1E3

Karina ‘Kiki’ Seabrook

Karina is soon to be 20 years old. Her birthday is on July 7th.

She is the granddaughter of Sammy ‘The Bull’ Gravano, the infamous former underboss of the Gambino crime family.

Her mother, Karen Gravano, used to be on VH1’s Mob Wives.

Karina may be a mob princess hailing from Staten Island but she wants so much more for herself and recently enrolled into the College of Staten Island.

Instagram: @karinaaseabrook

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Paulie ‘The Hustler’ Fusco

Paulie is Karina’s boyfriend and also 19 years old. He turns 20 on July 21st.

Paulie’s father past away when he was only 11 years old. Though he used to work as a waiter – which is shown in the series – he now works on Wall Street.

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Taylor O’Toole

Taylor is the girl who everyone turns to when they need to ‘sort out a situation’ – if you know what we mean!

She recently pleaded guilty to an assault and robbery case, and if she were to get into trouble within the next three years, she could go to jail for at least seven years.

Taylor is 22 years old and has four siblings – brothers Joe, Matthew and Vinny, and little sister, Gianna.

Instagram: @taylorotoolee

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Kayla ‘KG’ Gonzalez

Kayla is currently living with her uncle after her parents kicked her out for fighting with another girl, which eventually went to court.

She is known for her temper around the Staten Island borough!

Kayla has been the main talk of the show in the early episodes following her argument with co-star CP.

Instagram: @kayla.gonzalezz

Screen Shot: Kayla - MTV, Made in Staten Island S1E3
Screen Shot: Kayla – MTV, Made in Staten Island S1E3

Christian ‘CP’ Patterson

Christian had a tough time growing up. He watched his father go to jail for selling heroin and has had run-ins with the law himself on Made in Staten Island.

He doesn’t have any siblings but lives with his aunt and uncle.

Christian and Kayla used to be best friends. However, they had a fall-out when filming after Joe caught Kayla hanging out with a ‘rat’ on his case.

He even set a statement on Twitter stating that they still aren’t friends!

Instagram: @718cp

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Joe O’Toole

Just as his twin, Taylor, Joe celebrated his 22nd birthday on January 22nd.

Taylor also has two kids – daughter, Joie and a son.

Unlike Taylor, Joe is getting to re-know their father, who has been in and out of jail all of their lives.

Instagram: @joeotoole

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Dennie ‘The Godmutha’ Augustine

As one of the oldest cast members, Dennie turned 22 on December 18th.

She is currently a student at Monmouth University in West Long Branch, New Jersey. She will be graduating in Spring 2019.

Dennie has a podcast called ‘A Dennie for your thoughts.’ On her podcast, she talks about anything from porn to masturbation.

She doesn’t have her dad in her life, but she has an excellent support system from her mom, two younger brothers, and her step-dad.

Instagram: @dennieaugustine

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