It seems like a tough feat to be able to assume the form of a 21-year-old again, but that’s exactly what the BBC show demands of five unprepared mothers!

21 Again sees five mother-daughter duos try and rekindle their relationships through a little experiment in empathy.

Stepping into the shoes of her 16-year-old daughter Elesha is Monera Glendinning, who has quickly become a fan-favourite.

So we thought what better way to celebrate the success of the experiment than by looking at some of Monera’s best moments on the show.

Pictured: Monera Glendinning

Monera’s makeover

Out of all the mums, it was Monera’s makeover that really got everyone talking.

Although she’s only 32-years-old, Monera could easily pass for her early twenties. Kiran even said she could pass as eighteen!

But despite her stunning makeover, it was Monera’s bluntness in the makeover scene that really made us love her.

Monera at the salon E1.

Monera at the salon E1.

The makeover reveal, E1.

Monera the influencer

Her initial desire was for her daughter to become a vet, but that is not where Elesha’s dreams lie.

Elesha dropped out of sixth form to pursue her dream career as a social media influencer and once Monera got the taste of the influencer life, it looks like she’s going to pursue that dream too!

Monera – E2.

Monera – E2.

And it looks like Monera’s influencer career actually might take off!

She’s just made her Instagram account @monerapamela public and has quickly gained over 1000 followers!



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Monera’s veganism flop

She lasted just a day in her attempt to go vegan!

Despite promising her daughter she would remain true to the vegan cause, Monera couldn’t resist the prospect of a chicken burrito…

Monera E4.

Monera E4.

Elesha and Monera fight over the burrito, E4.

Catch up with all Monera’s best bits by watching 21 Again on the BBC iPlayer now.



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