Netflix: Where are the 60 Days In season 2 cast now? November 2020 updates!

Season 2 of 60 Days In has hit Netflix, 4 years on from when it was first originally aired. So where are the cast now? Here’s all the updates!

A group of participants step inside a jail as part of an undercover operation to reduce crime and corruption amongst inmates.

For 60 days, people from different backgrounds try to get to the root of problems within jails, providing an insight into life behind bars.

Let’s take a look at where the season 2 cast are in November 2020!

Screenshot: Ashleigh Baker, 60 Days In, Episode 1 Season 2, Netflix

Where is Ashleigh Baker now?

Ashleigh is still married to first season cast member Zac ‘Holland’ Baker.

The mum-of-two is a fitness fanatic and Youtuber, which she has over 2,000 subscribers on, and over 5,000 followers on her Facebook fan page, where she regularly posts to help people who are struggling with addiction.

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The 60 Days In star has two Instagram accounts – one for “family fun” at @unashamed1 and another, which she calls her adult page for 18+.

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Chris Graf in November 2020

Chris entered the program to better understand how jail impacted his younger brother.

However he left the program within 24 hours after becoming violently ill and suffering from severe panic attacks.

Chris couldn’t be found on social media, so it looks like he keeps his life private and off the web.

Where is Brian Thomas now?

Since the show, Brian Thomas entered private practice and is now practicing law in Southern California.

When he was on the show, he was an attorney for the California Department of Corrections & Rehabilitation’s Office of Legal Affairs’ Employment Advocacy Prosecution Team.

He left the program after one week due to severe hazing.

Meet Dion Shepherd Jr in 2020

Dion is a Youtuber from the East side of Detroit, who now regularly shares his love of gardening online. He is also a freelance criminologist.

On his Instagram, it states that he has a bachelor of science degree, as well as a masters degree. It’s likely to be related to criminology, as he went onto 60 Days In as a criminology student to gather research on prisons.

He has worked with Adidas and Hydroxycut since leaving the show.

Dion has also established Justice League Consulting Group – as the runner up for Forbes 30 under 30 list 2016 – and spreads awareness about the impact of social justice issues by speaking at various schools and facilities.

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Monalisa Johnson is now a CEO

Monalisa Johnson is now an entrepreneur, television personality, speaker and motivator, according to her Instagram.

She is the founder of Parents of Incarcerated Children, a national support and advocacy group for parents with incarcerated children.

Since leaving the show, she has been pretty successful, as she is now the CEO of film makers Sierra Productions.

Quintin McShan works in investigations

Quintin now works as a licensed private investigator and bounty hunter.

He first went into the series as a recently retired State Police Captain and former member of the United States Marine Corps.

Quintin currently lives in New Mexico, USA, and states in his Twitter bio that he does “investigations training and consulting” at Homeland ITC.

Sheri Ray plans to release a book

Sheri, who is a mum-of-two, describes herself as a “public figure” and is currently working on a book.

She says she is a “soon to be released author” and is currently single.

On her Instagram, she recently revealed that she was in a car accident, where parts of a vehicle had to be removed from her body.

Ryan Secord in 2020

Ryan is now a photographer who regularly shares his work on Instagram.

He has “art, philosophy, fitness” in his bio and must be in his early 30s now, having gone into the series as the youngest participant at 27 years old.

Ryan currently lives in Ashland, Kentucky.



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