Nine red hot photos from Isobel’s Instagram – Ibiza Weekender!

Nine red hot photos from Isobel's Instagram - Ibiza Weekender!

Ibiza Weekender 2019 welcomed a batch of fresh holiday reps for the new season.

And, naturally, one of them ended up falling head over heels for iconic Ibiza rep Jordan Davies. On this occasion, it was Isobel Mills.

Here are nine red hot photos from the 21-year-old’s Instagram account.

Screen Shot: Ibiza Weekender series 8

Screen Shot: Ibiza Weekender series 8

Screen Shot: Ibiza Weekender series 8

Active Wear

What’s a reality TV star without a collection of shots of them in Active Wear?

Of course, Isobel isn’t actually in the gym when any of these pics of her in skin-tight outfits are being taken.

Maybe that’s why she still manages to look glam to the max!

Wonder Woman

In an episode of Ibiza Weekender 2018, Izz actually dresses up as Wonder Woman.

There’s no doubt that her resemblance of DC Comic actress Gal Gadot is uncanny.

See what we mean…

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – JANUARY 24: Gal Gadot attends the Los Angeles premiere of TNT’s “I Am The Night” held at Harmony Gold on January 24, 2019 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Michael Tran/FilmMagic,,)

Ibiza Life

As a solid part of the Ibiza Weekender cast, Isobel has to ensure that she is always beach ready.

That and she has to own at least 207 different bikinis…

Trick or Treat

Much like Halloween, Isobel’s relationship with Jordan Davies has been full of both tricks and treats.

One minute they’re both having the time of their life snogging guests during party games, the next they’re clambering into bed together to test out the durance of the mattress springs.

Going Glam

For those who have only seen Isobel in her beachwear, there is more to her wardrobe than bikini thongs and those horrible orange Ibiza Weekender T’s.

She scrubs up kinda well…

Miss B

If you didn’t already know, Isobel was Brighton Beauty Queen crown in 2017 and was also a finalist for the British Beauty Queen competition in the same year.



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