Our Shirley Valentine Summer: 7 things we learned in episode one!

All the best entertainment starts with a disclaimer, and Our Shirley Valentine Summer is no different.

The warnings aren’t for strong language, or adult content, however, and there’s not even much rowdy behaviour beyond a few glasses of wine and some traditional Greek dancing.

No, the disclaimer is that the producers haven’t got the rights to anything related to the film or stage versions of Shirley Valentine.

So, yeah, it would be super great if nobody tried to sue them about it!

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Screenshot: Our Shirley Valentine Summer, ITV, Series 1

1. They Have to Fend for Themselves

Which means, first of all, taking turns to do the food shopping and the cooking.

Aggie MacKenzie doesn’t want to be stuck on domestic duties, and the traditional Greek oven is giving them some trouble, making half the food taste like charcoal.


Perhaps we shouldn’t have expected that much when Aggie found the food in a Greek supermarket to be a bit ‘foreign’.

Still, just when you think an argument might break out, it’s hugs and clean plates all round.

Screenshot: Sian Lloyd and Aggie MacKenzie, Our Shirley Valentine Summer, ITV, Series 1

2. Melinda Plans on Living Off the Land

When in doubt, grab a couple of pals and drive off across the island.

If chickens aren’t immediately obvious, stop the first farmer you see and ask his sage advice.

How to spot a farmer? Well, he’ll be driving a tractor of course.

Don’t like the Greek v English language barrier stop you either… It certainly didn’t stop Ingrid Tarrant!

Screenshot: Ingrid Tarrant and Lizzie Cundy, Our Shirley Valentine Summer, ITV, Series 1

Even chasing chickens and taking about goat testicles can’t drive the ladies to an argument. So far, more commune than a catfight.

3. It’s Not Quite Love Island, But the Bikinis Are Still Coming Out

Whether you call it Love Island for the over 50’s or Empty Nester Island, the fact that we’re in a different age demographic shows up pretty quickly.

Ingrid and her suitcase full of vitamins, Lizzie with her 20 bikinis – they’re covering both ends of the spectrum.

Screenshot: Melinda Messenger, Our Shirley Valentine Summer, ITV, Series 1

4. They’re Not going to Make Life Easy For Matchmaker George

Although he’s confident he can find a match for all of them, especially Nancy Dell, the four who visit the third-generation matchmaker aren’t completely convinced.


Ingrid is dying to meet her new match, while Melinda finds it all weird.

Ninia is impressed by how much faith George has in his matchmaking skills, even if she’s still sceptical about finding the right man for her.

Of course, not everyone has realistic expectations…

Screenshot: Nancy Dell/Olio, Our Shirley Valentine Summer, ITV, Series 1

What happens when some dates go better than others? We’ll find out next week when the ladies go speed dating in Athens.

5. Sian Has an Admirer

Hiking on Paros became a bit of a bonding session for Sian Lloyd and their tour guide, Cristofer  – don’t ask about that spelling!

Poor Aggie and Lizzie were left behind to fend for themselves while the other two got miles in front, chatting about nature and spotting a wildflower – which is probably quite romantic.

Screenshot: Cristofer, Our Shirley Valentine Summer, ITV, Series 1

Sian went back to Naxos with his number, so could she be the first to find some holiday love? Wouldn’t want to spark jealousy with the other seven.

6. Our Shirley Valentine Summer Has a Man For Lizzie

Their Greek language lesson from Yiannis has Lizzie Cundy all a-flutter. The man with the eyes like a wolf (apparently) picks up on those less than subtle vibes, asking Lizzie out for a drink.

Lucky that Aggie and Sian didn’t decide to get in her way then.

Screenshot: Lizzie Cundy, Our Shirley Valentine Summer, ITV, Series 1

7. When You Go to a Retreat, Be Careful What You Wish For

Annabel, Ingrid, Ninia, and Melinda got their mindfulness on. Sitting in a circle, blurting out feelings, and doing exactly what you’d expect, really.

Until the advice got specific. It’s one thing to have a bit of a dance, but not everyone was quite prepared for being told to shake a very particular part of their bodies.

No diva tantrums so far, though. Instead, the girls got in the spirit of the thing and really did shake it all out.

Screenshot: Annabel Giles, Our Shirley Valentine Summer, ITV, Series 1



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