Queer Eye’s new series recently premiered on Netflix.

The fifth season of the makeover show arrived just at the right time as the UK nation is still at home due to the Covid-19 pandemic. While some restrictions have been lifted, restaurants, pubs and cinemas remain closed for another few weeks.

So the best thing that people can do is catch up with the new series of Queer Eye until lives go back to normal.

Episode 5 called ‘Paging Dr Yi’ follows the transformation of Lilly Yi. So, let’s meet Lilly on Instagram and see where is she now after her appearance on the Netflix series.

Lilly Yi on Queer Eye

Meet Lilly Yi

Lilly is a pediatrician who recently completed her residency. She then landed a job at a local medical practice but she needed advice on how to balance her work life and motherhood.

Lilly spent years studying for her medical degree, however, she needed professional help in order to make a transit from a medical student to a medical consultant.

The Fab Five noticed that she needed help with how to successfully juggle her job and family as she would often feel guilty about the time she spends with her children and husband.

Thanks to the fashion help of Tan France, Lilly found her own personal style and learned how to make herself more approachable to her patients.

Lilly’s whole life got a makeover, including the interior design of her home.

Lilly Yi on Queer Eye

Follow Lilly on Instagram

Lilly is already enjoying likes and followers after her appearance on the Netflix series.


You can follow her under the handle @dr.yibeezy where she has over 1,000 followers at the time of writing.

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Where is Lilly now?

Lilly gave birth to her second child back in February this year so she is enjoying more family time now.

It’s very likely that she’s on maternity leave now, while the lockdown period has also given the pediatrician to spend more quality time with her husband and children.

Guess, she has finally achieved the key to a balanced professional and personal life.




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