Ronald Ollie timeline: Last Chance U star to Hard Knocks failure!
Screenshot: Hard Knocks Episode 1 - Raiders YouTube

Ronald Ollie timeline: Last Chance U star to Hard Knocks failure!

Sports documentary Hard Knocks returned to HBO for a fourteenth season on Tuesday, August 6th with the focus this series being on the Oakland Raiders.

Each series, HBO and the NFL team up to follow one of the major teams during training camp while they prepare for the oncoming season. This allows viewers to go behind the scenes with some of the biggest names in American football while getting to know the up-and-coming rookies.

And this year, a familiar face has shown up on the show from another hit sports series: Netflix’s Last Chance U.

So how did Ronald Ollie go from Last Chance U to Hard Knocks?

Screenshot: Hard Knocks Episode 1 – Raiders YouTube

Ronald Ollie on Last Chance U

Netflix struck gold when they created popular sports documentary Last Chance U and we’re now four seasons deep into the show.

Although each season of Last Chance U focusses on new players and has spanned two different junior colleges, season 1’s cast holds a fond place in fans’ hearts. And Ronald Ollie has a lot to do with that.

Defensive linebacker Ronald was loved for his humour and relationship with academic supervisor Brittany Wagner, as well as his football skills on the East Mississipi Lions.

The show followed the Lions during their 2015 season where they failed to capture the JUCO national championship because a fight broke out between them and Mississipi Delta.

Ronald Ollie and the Raiders

In 2019 23-year-old Ronald Ollie signed a deal with the Oakland Raiders as an undrafted free agent and on a non-guaranteed contract.

After we last saw him on Last Chance U, Ronald finished his collegiate career with Nicholls State.

The Oakland Raiders signed Ronald after he went undrafted at the 2019 NFL Draft in Nashville, Tennessee. Before being picked up by the Raiders, the New Orleans Saints had their eye on him and had invited Ronald to their pre-season workout.

Ollie takes Hard Knocks

In episode 1 (Tuesday, August 6th) of Hard Knocks, we see Ronald Ollie as a rookie defensive tackle at the Oakland Raiders training camp in Napa Valley, California.

Ronald was causing problems on the team as he did not show the commitment required for football and Defensive line coach Brenston Buckner was especially hard on Ronald’s technique during training camp.

Episode 1 saw Ronald excuse himself from training due to an aching Achilles.

It wasn’t long before Ronald Ollie was cut from the Raiders and head coach Jon Gruden later commented that he “hadn’t seen Ollie do anything” and that “Ollie didn’t participate much.”

How to watch Hard Knocks

If you don’t have a subscription to HBO, then you’re in luck!

The Raiders have uploaded all of episode 1 to their YouTube account which you can find here.

Each Tuesday, after the episode airs on HBO, the episode will be uploaded to YouTube.





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