Seven things you didn't know about Big T - Shipwrecked 2019!

There’s only one contestant who storms into Shipwrecked 2019 with a nickname.

Harry Goodwins and Chris Jammer may be memorable due to their demi-god physiques but neither of them are as memorable by name as Big T.

Here are seven things you didn’t know – and need to know – about Shipwrecked’s Tula!

(L – R) Tom, Big T, Kush, Liv, Chris, Khalia, Emma, Hollie and Harry

Tula’s Full Name

Tula’s full name is Tula Fazakerley.

You can follow her on Instagram under that exact name – @tula _fazakerley – where she starts her reality tv journey with 4,000 followers.

She’s Wearing a Wig!

Not only is Tula wearing a wig on the island but she probably made it herself.

But no, we don’t mean that in some sort of creepy way where she collects other peoples hair for fun.

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Tula is a part-time wig maker and decided to shave all of her hair off before appearing on Shipwrecked 2019

She said:

I was getting too attached to my hair. My life is not my hair. It was about stripping back.

This Instagram photo states ‘hair by me’.

Tula Could be on TV A Lot More!

Looking at Tula’s Instagram, she clearly has an interest in making the step onto TV – Shipwrecked 2019 could just be the start!

Here she is pictured with two fellow budding actresses, with a caption that reads: “All the work I’ve been doing over the past two years is finally going to be out in April.”

Tula’s Instagram stories also feature ‘filming sections’ that aren’t related to Shipwrecked.

Screen Shot: Tula Fazakerley Instagram stories – shipwrecked 2019

Screen Shot: Tula Fazakerley Instagram stories – shipwrecked 2019

Watch Out For Her Bikinis!

Out of all the contestants heading onto the island, Tula looks like she has the best collection of bikinis.

Based on the style of her outfits on Instagram alone, we could have a new E4 fashion queen on our hands.

Tula Ain’t No Kid

Tula is one of the older and wiser heads on the Shipwrecked 2019.

She is 26 years old.

Her Hair is Always Changing

As Tula is a wig maker by trade, she has a free pick on her hairstyle every day.

As you can see below, her natural hair is a cute, curly fuzz. However, she’s also not afraid to strip it all off and go completely bald, or, slip on a silky wig.

Tula Was Born in Africa

Although raised in a posh private school in Chelsea, London, Tula was born in Africa.

In episode 1 of Shipwrecked, she said that she was born in Malawi, East Africa.

The Instagram post reads:

Never forget where you came from, I’m in London now but this small village is my beginning and the end of my journey… hopefully as queen. My father lived here, so I’m proud to call this my true home.



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