Who is Tammy's boyfriend Jerry? Meet the 1000-lb Sisters star on Instagram!

Tammy, who has been followed on her weight loss journey on The 1000-lb Sisters, has a new boyfriend called Jerry. So who is he?

The TLC series has showcased the reality of Amy and Tammy Slaton, two sisters who weighed more than 1000 pounds when the show began.

More than a whole year on from the beginning of their weight loss journey, in January 2020, Tammy is paid a visit from her boyfriend Jerry.

So who is Jerry? We found Tammy’s new boyfriend on Instagram!

Screenshot: Tammy Must Lose 100 Pounds | 1000-lb Sisters, TLC YouTube

Who is Tammy’s boyfriend Jerry?

Jerry Sykes, from North Carolina, is Tammy’s boyfriend.

He was seen talking to Tammy on The 1000-lb Sisters via video chat, and is seen paying her a visit on tonight’s episode (Monday, January 8th).

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Tammy shared a picture of her and Jerry back in February 6, 2020, where she called him her “bae for life”, so they met a while ago.

It is thought that she first went public with Jerry in January last year, telling a fan she had a boyfriend already when she was asked on a date.

She admitted to fans that she knows he is a married man, before going on to reveal that Jerry’s wife is sick.

He is thought to have had plans to move in with her around June 2020, which she revealed on Facebook.

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Meet Jerry on Instagram

Jerry regularly gets asked if him and Tammy are still together, with some commenting if they were really in a relationship at all.

While he only has a few pictures, he doesn’t put any captions on them.

It looks like he has been on Instagram since 2014, but isn’t very active on the social media platform.

There are a few selfies, including a throwback to when he was a young boy with two missing teeth.

Jerry has also uploaded a picture with a friend or family member, and some bottles of alcohol in another, but he doesn’t give too much away!

Are Tammy and Jerry still together now?

  • No

Tammy has reportedly split with Jerry and is now in a relationship with a woman named Kane.

Although he was in Tammy’s life while season 2 was being shot, it looks like he is no longer in the picture post-filming.

The 1000-lb Sisters star posted a picture of her new girlfriend Kane on Facebook, but some fans think she could be a catfish.

According to TV Shows Ace, the photo Tammy shared of her new girlfriend is a model with several Instagram followers, which has been edited.



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