Unfortunately, Channel 4 series The Circle is now over.

Following three weeks of revolutionary reality TV, Alex Hobern was crowned the unanimous winner after Catfishing his way to victory on the social media experiment.

The final was more dramatic than any reality TV enthusiast could have dreamed of, with Dan finding out that ‘Kate’ wasn’t real as he met Alex over dinner.

Here’s a rundown of the extraordinary final, told by you guys on Twitter.

Screen Shot: The Circle Millie, episode 17, Channel 4

Screen Shot: The Circle Millie, episode 17, Channel 4

Please Don’t End

For some viewers, the end of The Circle is simply too much.

There used to be a 24-hour Big Brother, so how about a 365-day Circle…

That Big Reveal

Of course, the biggest talking point from The Circle final was the moment that Kate revealed to Dan that she was actually a 26-year-old man called Alex.

Not only this, but Kate’s profile pics were of a girl called Millie Logan – who is Alex’s real-life girlfriend!

Talk about tough break…

Freddie Will Always be Freddie

Despite the heartbreaking news, it took Freddie all of 30 seconds before he ripped into Dan.

Dan’s Spread

Dan may not have won The Circle but he was always one of the viewers’ favourite players.

Not least because of the way he treated every eviction…


Alternative Endings

Naturally, not everyone was happy with the end result.

And there are some inventive alternative endings already being drawn up.

Series 2?

Channel 4 are yet to confirm a series 2, although people are already begging for a celebrity version.

Jennifer Lawrence pretending to be a Catfish called Colin the builder, yes please…

Fiji the Turtle

If you didn’t already know, Dan’s turtle, Fiji the turtle, has his own Twitter account.

In fact, he has more followers than The Circle’s Dan and is probably 100x funnier, too!

Welcome to 2018

The Circle proved a revolutionary new reality TV series. With a Catfish winning the show and bagging £75k, you could say that it is a cynical reflection of the modern world we now live in.

Trust no-one.




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