MTV’s The Royal World began Wednesday November 7th.

It’s a reality show like no other bringing together counts, baronesses and Megan Markle’s nephew.

Daniel MacLaurin is one of the Royals taking part in the regal social experiment.

So, who is Daniel and what are his royal connections?

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The MacLaurin Clan

Daniel’s royal connection is that he’s part of the Scottish MacLaurin clan, apparently “one of the oldest and most regal clans in Scotland”

And although he is a royal and probably heir to a great big estate, he does come off like a normal bloke. He’s got a ‘pizza and chill night’ pic on his Insta – that’s pretty normal. Right?

Daniel said the best part about going on The Royal World was getting to meet people he normally wouldn’t. He said:

People like Tyler, I could never have seen myself crossing paths with a cannabis grower from Oregon.

How Old is Daniel?

He’s 21 years old, and like most 21-year-olds he’s not sure what to do now that uni’s finished.

Daniel admitted he loves a crazy night out: “Oh I often end up in different countries on nights out. Uraguay comes to mind. I got pulled over, robbed, and left the same day.”

Where Does Daniel Live?

Daniel grew up in Scotland but regards Devon as his home.

He said that he moved to Devon when he was seven years old.

From Daniel’s Insta it looks like he’s never in one place for too long though, Lake Como one day and New York the next!

Does He Have a Girlfriend?

From a quick Instagram scroll, it appears that Daniel does have a love interest.

In one particular photo together his girlfriend commented: “One for the kids !!! Love you baby”

You can follow Daniel and his girl, Ophelia, on Insta.

Daniel has just 877 followers on Instagram whereas his GF has a few more at 881 .

Daniel’s Education

Unlike any other students, Daniel went straight from university to appearing The Royal World.

He said he’s not sure which direction he’ll choose now that uni’s over, but we’re sure he’s not short of options.

As well as his degree, Daniel’s got a lot of modelling experience under his belt.

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