The Royal World is a brand new reality TV show brought to you by MTV.

It’s pretty much Geordie Shore but for royals. A load of twenty-somethings live together for the summer along with a lifetime’s supply of champagne – what could go wrong?

Zara Zoffany Farida Sassoon-Munns is one of the cast members taking part in The Royal World.

So, here’s a bit more about zany Zara! 

The Royal World MTV Zara

Screen Shot: The Royal World MTV Zara

Zara Loves Sports

If there’s one thing this 24-year-old can’t get enough of, that’s sports.

Zara said that at school was very sporty, she did karate, horseriding and athletics.

She loved it so much so that she now has her own sports clothing line ‘Move like Zaza‘.

Zara is Single

From the looks of Zara’s social media, she isn’t in a relationship with anyone.

But, in the first episode of The Royal World, it seemed that there could be a Niyi and Zaza romance on the cards as they chilled together by the pool.

The Royal World MTV Zara

Screen Shot: The Royal World ep 1 – MTV

Where Does Zara Zoffany Live?

Zara currently lives in London with her mum or “mumma” as she’d say.

She said that she grew up in Monaco, and has spent some time living in Scarborough, Windsor and Brighton.

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Kinda Have Feelings • Kinda Heartless 🖤

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Zara is Creative

It turns out that Zara isn’t just a pretty face.

She studied fashion design at Instituto Marangoni and makes couture evening gowns.

Her brand name is Zara Zoffany Couture.

Zara said that she earns her own living: “I don’t like to splash the cash, I like to make it rain”.

Who is Zara’s Family?

Zara said on The Royal World: “There are lots of titled people in my family including barons earls and sirs.”

After a bit of investigating it turns out that Zara’s parents are Farah and Peter Sassoon-Munns.

Her parents are wealthy hoteliers and have close friends in parliament.

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Dinner With My Queen ❤️

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Does Zara Have Any Siblings?

Zara has one sister called Sophia Sassoon.

Sophia actually appeared on Made in Chelsea back in 2012.

She had a baby in 2015 called Jak, making Zara an aunty.

Zara is a Fashion Influencer

Being a fashion influencer Zara’s Instagram is chock-a-block with outfits of the day, selfies in Paris and edgy poses.

Zara’s certainly pushed the boat out style-wise on The Royal World so far – remember those science class specs in episode 1?

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