A new show is about to begin on MTV!

The Royal World is set to hit a screen near you on Wednesday, November 7th.

Tyler Dooley – Meghan Markle’s nephew – is one of the cast, but that’s not all there is to him.

He wants to represent the average person on MTV’s The Royal World.

Here are five things you didn’t know about Tyler Dooley!

Tyler Dooley http://www.mtv.co.uk/the-royal-world/videos/the-royal-world-meet-tyler

Screen Shot: Tyler Dooley The Royal World preview – MTV

Tyler Works Hard

In his The Royal World interview, Tyler said that he works 7 days a week.

Fellow castmate Daniel Maclaurin said: “People like Tyler, I could never have seen myself crossing paths with a cannabis grower from Oregon”.

We guess you’ve got to do what you love and love what you do!

Tyler Dooley is Taken

Tyler is currently in a relationship.

His girlfriend is Sandra Bazan and he basically adores her.

Most of Tyler’s Instagram is made up of photos of him and Sandra captioned: “I love you with all of my heart”.

How Old is Tyler Dooley?

Tyler is 25 years old and says that he can shotgun a beer faster than anyone in the world.

When asked what the most outrageous thing that’s ever happened to him on a night out, Tyler said: “Honestly I’m not even going to say anything about that”.


Tyler Has a Dog Called Mac

Tyler and his girlfriend, Sandra, have a golden retriever.

The golden pup looks like a right character wearing glasses, bandanas and even riding on a jet ski with Tyler.

Mac has his own Instagram account – @macdooley1.

Tyler Loves Tattoos

Tyler grew up in LA, California.

He said he’s come from humble beginnings.

From Tyler’s Insta it looks like he’s taken a bit of a liking to London, he said that he visited for the royal wedding and it looks like he’s getting some London themed pieces added to his sleeve.


MTV The Royal World – Meet the cast including Meghan Markle’s NEPHEW!




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