Ibiza Weekender has launched a brand new spin-off series: Weekender: Boat Party!

The first of six episodes kicks off tonight (Tuesday, October 9th).

Of course, a brand new ITV2 spin-off brings with it brand new reps Jackson and Charlotte!

Jackson looks like he’s just the man for the job.

Here are seven things you didn’t know about Jackson Kneeshaw!

Weekender Boat Party Jackson https://www.itvpictures.co.uk/Pages/Image-Categories/ITV2/WEEKENDER_BOAT_PARTY/GENERICS/GENERICS.aspx

Weekender Boat Party Jackson Kneeshaw – ITV2

Jackson Kneeshaw is a Golfer

Geordie Jackson is a pro golfer.


He began playing golf for Bethune-Cookman University in Florida back in 2014.

And although he graduated from an American university in 2017, Jackson’s actually from Newcastle, UK!

Jackson Kneeshaw is a Promoter

Bonbar Newcastle is pretty much Jackson’s home from home.

His Instagram is chock a block with promo for the club or photos of Jackson and the lads out on the town.

Bonbar is a premier club located in central Newcastle and hosts nights with the likes of DJ Jazzy Jeff.

Jackson Has a Cute Dog

Scrappy is Jackson’s “best friend and life companion”.

Jackson’s dog is a Miniature Pinscher or a ‘Min Pin’.

They’re well known for being fearless and energetic.

That little guy takes puppy dog eyes to a whole new level!

Jackson’s a Hit With the Ladies

It’s basically a given that Jackson’s a lot of women’s cup of tea.

He’s a good-looking guy on Newcastle’s club scene.

Jackson’s bound to be Mr Popular but will romance blossom between him and any other reps?

Jackson Loves Georgia

It seems that Jackson fulfilled his ultimate wish this year as he posed for a pic with Love Island star Georgia Steel.

He went as far as reaching out to the Love Island producers on Twitter.

She can’t really be the love of his life, can she?

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