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Meet Ultimate Tag's 'Atomic Ant' - Lorena Abreu's age, career and Instagram revealed!

Fox has dropped a brand new reality competition this year.

Ultimate Tag premiered on Wednesday, May 20th which sees contestants battle it out in a series of indoor challenges while professional taggers try to catch them.

Many of the taggers are pro parkour athletes and come with their respective nicknames – there are some pretty cool name ranging from ‘Dynamite’ to ‘Viking’.

One of the stars is Lorean Abreu, aka the ‘Atomic Ant’. So, let’s meet Lorena and get to know her better, including age, career and Instagram!

Ultimate Tag: Lorena Abreu ‘Atomic Ant’

Meet Lorena Abreu from Ultimate Tag

Lorena was born on December 28th, 1993 in the Dominican Republic. She will turn 27 years old this year.

She studied a BA in Film at Full Sail University, completing the course in 2014. Following her graduation, Lorena picked up parkour professionally, while she also trained karate before that.

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According to her LinkedIn bio, Lorena worked as a parkour performer at Harmini Productions in 2014 and as a stunt performer for Osceola Arts a year later.

She has also worked with several other brands and production companies such as Adidas, Asics and Nickelodeon.

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Lorena Abreu’s other gigs

As a pro parkour athlete, Lorena has taken part in several gigs that involve stunts and tough physical performances.

Her presenting career is picking up too as she was a host on the TBD series The Link. The series premiered back in April this year.

On the show, Lorena takes viewers through viral videos that feature things like adorable puppies in a swimming pool and hilarious pranks.

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Follow Lorena on Instagram

Lorena is a big star on Instagram and that’s no brainers since she has had several TV appearances.

The parkour athlete has been sharing a lot from her stint on Ultimate Tag but you will find more personal posts such as snaps with her family and puppies.

You can follow Lorena on Insta under the name @lorenaparkour.




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