Who is Celebs on the Ranch's rancher Rick? Is he a real Arizonian cowboy?

Celebs on the Ranch has been entertaining viewers since it started back on Monday, April 1st.

The 5 Star show has seen the celebrities at their most hilarious, but fans of the show are also falling for the wisecracks of none other than Rancher Rick.

But who is Rancher Rick? And is he actually a real cowboy?

Read on for everything you need to know about the newfound star of Celebs on the Ranch…

(L-R) Rancher Rick and Stephen Bailey. S1 E6.

Who is Rancher Rick?

Rancher Rick is the tough-love giver of the show.

He shows the celebrities the ropes – sometimes literally when they’ve undergone lasso training – of ranch life.

But he also has the brutal job of deciding which celebs end up on the chopping block…

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Not much has been revealed about who Rancher Rick actually is on the show, but it’s clear he’s a fan favourite.

Is he a real cowboy?

Well, yes!

Rancher Rick does work at and helps run Cherry Creek Lodge in Arizona, where the celebrities live out the real ranch experience.

Miss Holly from the show also co-owns the lodge.

What do fans say about Rick?

Fans have hit Twitter to express their love for Rancher Rick!

Clearly, he has become more of a hit than the celebs themselves…

Here’s hoping for a Rancher Rick spin-off!




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