The 1900 Island launched onto BBC Two on Monday, June 10th.

The four-part series sees four families uproot their 21st-century way of living for life in a fishing town off the coast of Anglesey, Wales. Oh, and they have to live life as it was in the 1900s!

But who is the narrator of the series? Here is everything you need to know about the Welsh actor…

Julian Lewis-Jones. (MAX NASH/AFP/Getty Images)

The 1900 Island: Narrator

The narrator of the show may sound rather familiar to the Welsh viewers out there.

Julian Lewis-Jones is a 50-year-old Welsh actor who lives in the village Nantaredig.

He trained at the prestigious Welsh College of Music and Drama, a conservatoire in Cardiff whose alumni include Anthony Hopkins!

What has Julian Lewis-Jones been in?

Julian Lewis-Jones has been in a variety of productions over the years.

Some of his roles have included appearances in The Tudors and Spooks.

But his more notable appearances have come in the 2008 Clint Eastwood film Invictus, where he played Nelson Mandela’s bodyguard and also as King Atlan in 2017’s Justice League.

Julian is also very well known in Wales for being a presenter on a variety of shows on the Welsh-speaking channel S4C.

The 1900 Island

What is Julian’s connection to the show?

There might be a few reasons Julian was drawn to working on The 1900 Island.

For a starter, he was born in Anglesey in North Wales, where the location for the show is off the coast of.

Julian is also a keen fisherman – maybe because of his birthplace – and is a presenter on the popular fishing programme Sgota, which plays on S4C. Fishing is an essential aspect of The 1900 Island, with the families relying heavily on fish for food and profits.

Does Julian have social media?

You can keep up to date with all the latest on Julian Lewis-Jones’ endeavours on both his Instagram and Twitter.

For both he uses @juleslewisjones.

Julian is an avid sports fan and is very politically-minded, so you’ll be sure to find some of that alongside his posts about his acting gigs!


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