Who are the Sex On the Couch therapists? Meet Silva, Lohani, Kate and Dr Roberta!
Sex On The Couch

Who are the Sex On the Couch therapists? Meet Silva, Lohani, Kate and Dr Roberta!

There has been a wave of TV shows hitting our screens about relationship struggles and problems in the bedroom, such as Sex Tape on Channel 4.

But BBC has now kicked off their own relationship show, Sex On the Couch!

So who are the sex and relationship therapists on the show?

Here’s everything you need to know about them…

Sex On The Couch

Silva Neves

Silva is an expert psychotherapist, specialising in multiple areas of therapy including psychosexual and relationship therapy, PTSD and trauma.

You can check out his website to see the full range of his specialisms and treatment methods.

But Silva also works as a columnist, writing regular articles on sex and relationships and general mental health well-being for Gay Times.

Pictured: Silva, S1 E1.

Lohani Noor

Lohani is based in Salford, Greater Manchester.

After years of working as a social worker, Lohani decided to retrain as a psychotherapist.

She is currently training for her MSc in Psychosexual therapies, so she’ll become even more knowledgable than she already is on the show!

Kate Moyle

She covers all areas of therapies relating to relationship troubles.

Kate practices from her own private therapy centre in Fitzrovia, London. Check out her website to see some pics of her glamourous office space!

But Kate is also a regular contributor to publications such as The Guardian, check out a feature on her here!

Dr Roberta Babb

Dr Roberta has been working with the NHS for over a decade.

She is a chartered and clinical psychologist and also a forensic psychodynamic psychotherapist – sounds pretty impressive to us!

Pictured: Dr Roberta, S1 E2.




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