After Hatton Garden kicked off last night on ITV, viewers were thrown head first into one of the crimes of the decade.

With a star-studded lineup playing the men behind the heist, fans want to know more about the actor who plays the brains behind the operation, ‘Basil’.

So who plays Basil in the Hatton Garden robbery retelling?

Here is everything you need to know about the BAFTA-winning actor!

Hatton Garden E2 – Basil.

Who is ‘Basil’?

Supposedly the mastermind of the operation, Basil – real name Michael Seed – lead the group of men during the robbery.

Growing up in Cambridge, he had a very normal upbringing and went on to study Physics and Electronics at Nottingham University.


Basil had one prior run-in with the law before the garden robbery, where he served a three-year sentence in 1984 for supplying a friend with ten LSD tablets and cannabis.

Basil met career criminal Brian Reader – also involved in the heist – and became his alarm specialist. Basil is the one who gave the thieves access to the vaults and is believed to be one of two men who climbed inside the vault to steal up to £200 million worth of goods.

Who plays Basil in Hatton Garden?

Irish actor Brian F. O’Byrne assumes the form of Basil in the ITV show.

The 51-year-old actor has been living and working in New York since he made the move in the 1990s.

He lives there with his wife, the American actress Heather Goldenhersh, and their two daughters.

Heather Goldenhersh and Brian F. O’Byrne

What else has Brian O’Byrne been in?

Brian has been in plenty of well-known films and TV shows.

Some of his most memorable roles were in Million Dollar Baby alongside Hilary Swank, 2011 TV drama Mildred Pearce and as Ken Karn in American crime drama Aquarius.

He most recently won a BAFTA for Best Supporting Actor in 2018 for his performance in ITV’s Little Boy Blue. Here’s hoping his performance as Basil will garner similar results…

We think he’s definitely in with a shot!



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