September is National Recovery Month and to mark this, MTV have launched a brand new reality series called 16 and Recovering. 

Following in the footsteps of shows such as 16 and Pregnant, 16 and Recovering takes a look at teenagers facing another type of major life shift. Instead of focussing on a pregnancy and how that affects their life course, this docuseries focusses on teenagers who have become victim to substance abuse.

The series follows nine students at Northshore Recovery High School as they journey to sobriety.

One of the most talked-about cast members was Sam, who had viewers in floods of tears throughout episode 1 (Tuesday, September 1st). But where is Sam now? Find out what happened to him on the show and after filming.

Screenshot: ’16 & Recovering’ Premiere Extended Sneak Peek | MTV Impact YouTube

Who is Sam from 16 and Recovering?

Sam is 17 years old when we meet him on 16 and Recovering. He is one of the students – or patients – at Northshore Recovery High School.

Sam was attending the school to deal with his addiction to opioids and crack. In this episode, Sam explained that his problems with substance abuse had started at the age of 8. It began with alcohol and smoking pot, then Sam slowly expanded onto other, more serious drugs. At 14 years old, Sam began to take benzos.

Sam’s time on the show was marked with difficulties, as his road to recovery included relapse and incarceration. However, the episode ended informing us that Sam is back on track and returned to be a graduate.

If you are struggling with any of the issues addressed in 16 and Recovering, visit their website for more information and to seek help.

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MTV viewers react to Sam’s journey

16 and Recovering viewers were greatly affected by Sam’s time on the show, many of them taking to Twitter to share their support of his recovery.

One viewer tweeted: “Hearing Sam say he didn’t think he could ever recover was HEARTBREAKING”

Another said: “I can’t watch this I am crying for Sam”

But all were glad to hear that Sam had made it back into the programme and was seeking sobriety.

We found Sam on Instagram

In Sam’s Instagram bio, it reads that he is a graduated from RHS (Recovery High School) in 2020. This must mean that he finally found success on the programme, we’re sure fans will be happy to hear.

From the looks of where Sam is now, he seems to be sober, happy and healthy. You can check out Sam on Instagram @sam_w_2000



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