Believe it or not, outrageous reality show Geordie Shore is onto its eighteenth season!

The regular cast including Sophie Kasaei and Nathan Henry are back plus newbie Faith Mullen!

If you haven’t managed to keep up to date with the wild Newcastle-based show, we can pretty much summarise the current season in three words. Drunk. Loud. Crazy.

For anyone new to the foul-mouthed, laugh out loud show, here are seven expressions from the Geordie Shore crew that we just can’t get enough of.

While the G Shore family are more than ready to get absolutely mortal it’s time for you to get your translation books handy…
Screen Shot: Geordie Shore season 18 episode 3

Canny Decent

Canny is a common phrase coined up north in Newcastle, usually mixed alongside other words like good.

It’s a sign of added approval, such as that kebab was “canny good”. Or, in Scotty T terms:

“She’s canny decent. I’d probably join the mile high club with her, if I wasn’t already banned.”
Screen Shot: Geordie Shore series 18 episode 2 – MTV


This is one of the more obscure phrases from the show.

The expression roughly translates to when someone or a situation is becoming aggressive or violent.

The Geordie Shore crew are actually referred to as ‘radgies’ but it can also be used to describe a situation:

Chloe had some proper radge drama with the lasses in episode 2.

Geordie Shore sayings
Screen Shot: Geordie Shore sayings s18 e4 – MTV

Pied off

Simple. Effective. A classic, some might say.

Geordie Shore housemates get ‘pied off’ left right and centre on the show, with the expression meaning to ditch, dump, abandon or generally make someone feel like a mug.

Geordie Shore sayings
Screen Shot: Faith arrives at the Geordie Shore house – MTV


Being called an absolute Worldie in Newcastle could sound quite confusing but it’s actually a compliment.

In episode 3 Adam cracked on with “absolute stunner” Laura.

Adam said: “She’s got great banter and she’s hot.”

She’s pretty much a ‘worldie’ then, Adam.

Geordie Shore sayings
Screen Shot: Geordie Shore sayings series 18 episode 2 – MTV


Proper mint like is used to describe anything that is seriously good.

If you’ve picked up a tasty kebab, it’s not a tasty kebab it’s some ‘mint’ ‘scran’, ok?

Make note, ‘scran’ is Geordie for food.

Nathan, Sam and Adam clearly had a ‘mint’ time coasteering, too.

Geordie Shore sayings
Screen Shot: Geordie Shore sayings season 18 episode 3


Perhaps the most used phrase on the show ‘mortal’ refers to getting so, so drunk. Like, so drunk.

And we don’t mean that lightly.  Smashed, steaming and wasted are all similar phrases yet none of them are near the level of pure mortal.

Being initiated into the group has been made a bit easier for newbie Faith by getting absolutely mortal with the family.

Geordie Shore sayings
Screen Shot: Faith Geordie Shore sayings s18 e4 – MTV

Tash On

What better way to describe a soft, subtle and romantic kiss than to ‘tash on’.

Geordie Shore OG Vicky Pattison used the phrase so much across the series that it actually made it into the Collins Dictionary. No joke.

There’s also a variation of this which is to ‘neck on’ – a bit more of a snog basically.

Geordie Shore sayings
Geordie Shore sayings – MTV Screen Shot, season 18 episode 1

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