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Who are Aaliyah and 'Paula' from Catfish? Take a look inside their romance!

Aaliyah is one of several Catfish: The TV Show stars who have turned to Nev and Kamie – for assistance in finding out the truth.

The MTV series has been uncovering ‘catfishes’ for years, who claim to be someone else when speaking to a friend or ‘lover’ online.

While there have been success stories (when someone is actually who they say they are), each case usually starts off with suspicious behaviour.

Aaliyah, who is talking to ‘Paula’, needed help in finding out who she really is. And Reality Titbit can also assist, in bringing you the latest updates.

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Who are Aaliyah and ‘Paula’?

Aaliyah is a 23-year-old who recently moved from California, to Tennessee.

Paula, on the other hand, claims she is a model who lives in Seattle.

Her work as a model was constantly bringing her to Los Angeles, which isn’t far from where Aaliyah lived.

Aaliyah and Paula have been speaking online for four years.

Aaliyah and ‘Paula’ on Catfish: The TV Show

They “just vibed” as soon as they began talking, and quickly began talking about meeting up in person.

As the months passed, Aaliyah started to develop feelings towards Paula, which was the first time she has been attracted to a woman.

However, suspicion arose when Paula would never call Aaliyah once hitting Los Angeles ground – until she suddenly disappeared.

Her phone number stopped working, and then just a weeks before filming, Aaliyah received a message from a random number claiming to be Paula.

She turns to Nev and Kamie in an attempt to figure out who she is…

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Where are Aaliyah and ‘Paula’ now?

Since the show, it looks like Aaliyah and Paula have not made themselves easily traceable on social media platforms.

It was revealed on Catfish: The TV Show that Paula sometimes removes everything about herself – including her Instagram.

We will have to wait until tonight’s episode airs (June 22nd) to find out what happens – but most fans think it’s not the real Paula!

One wrote: “Hope I’m wrong, but I say it’s not the real Paula.”

Another agreed and said: “My woman’s intuition is telling me it’s not the real Paula too…. That gut feeling yah know.”



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