Inside the Angelina Pivarnick Old Bridge video - fans react to footage!

As Jersey Shore: Family Vacation season four gets underway, videos of Angelina Pivarnick reportedly having an affair have been circulating.

In the most recent episode (on July 8th) of the MTV reality show, JWoww and Angelina had an argument about the videos that have surfaced.

Angelina was thought to have been seen being unfaithful at Old Bridge, while her marriage troubles Chris Larangeira are aired on camera.

JWoww obtained security footage – which Reality Titbit explore – of Angelina at the mystery man’s house, which led to drama between the two stars.

Jersey Shore: Family Vacation (Season 4) Supertease | MTV

Jersey Shore: Family Vacation (Season 4) Supertease | MTV

JWoww and Angelina argue about video

Angelina starts questioning JWoww, by asking her if she really has that much time to find the videos of her.

She then spoke in a confessional and said:

I don’t know why Jenni is so involved in my marriage. I remember it like it was yesterday, where I had to walk on eggshells about Jenni’s divorce. She didn’t have to explain her love life to anybody and now she’s trying to sabotage my marriage? I don’t understand. How is this fair?

JWoww responded to Angelina by explaining that she went to get the videos, after hearing that Mike The Situation’s sister had overheard news about the video at a salon.

Earlier in the season, JWoww had confronted Angelina about the videos, who got defensive and demanded to see the footage herself.

JWoww explained:

After how badly you reacted, I was like, ‘Oh s***, maybe I should really get these videos to make sure it’s not something that’s going to hurt Angelina. So Mike gave me the number. We were all together, nobody would call, so I called. I literally said to her, ‘Give me them.’ And then she just sent one.

Fans react to Angelina’s Old Bridge video

During season four, Angelina’s alleged cheating video at Old Bridge has been one of the main topics, but some fans aren’t too bothered.

While some don’t care to see the video, others are hoping to find the actual footage for themselves, despite Angelina’s ex-husband refusing to watch.

One fan wrote: “I mean is anyone even interested in this videos? Is there anything angelina could do that would really shock anyone? #Jerseyshore.”

Another said on social media: “Angelina going to old bridge for her side piece is peak central Jersey #jerseyshore.”

“I know Chris doesn’t want to see the video but can I see it please?!?”, said another viewer, who took to Twitter to share their thoughts.

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Inside Angelina Pivarnick’s Old Bridge video

JWoww got hold of the video, which shows Angelina entering a man’s home. The footage led her Jersey Shore co-stars to think she may be cheating.

There were also videos shown to Angelina by Mike, where he described it her chasing a man and saying that she was going to “key his car”.

Angelina offered for him to see the video, which involves her and a mystery man at Old Bridge, in New Jersey.

The MTV star revealed that they don’t have any secrets in their marriage. She said in a confessional:

I’m an open book. I don’t like to hide secrets, so I decided to let me husband know I have these videos and he said he’s good with not seeing them. I knew Chris wouldn’t care.

She has also said she “knows what she has done” when having problems with Chris. However, Angelina has repeatedly denied having a “side boo”.

The reality star also said the video shows her going to a friend’s house, someone that Chris also knows.



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