Where are Apryl and Daryl from Catfish: The TV Show now? Instagram explored!
Screenshot: Apryl, Catfish: The TV Show, MTV Catfish Instagram

Where are Apryl and Daryl from Catfish: The TV Show now? Instagram explored!

MTV’s Catfish: The TV Show is getting well underway, as online connections go from blissful to suspicious. Where are Apryl and Daryl?

The use of social media is highlighted throughout the show, as online connections are formed via the Internet, with barely any real-life evidence.

Apryl’s quest for help is the latest focus, which sees investigators Kamie Crawford and Nev Schulman try to find out who Daryl is.

So, who are Apryl and Daryl from Catfish: The TV Show? Where are they now and what do they do in their daily lives? Find out below.

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Screenshot: Daryl, Catfish: The TV Show, MTV Catfish Instagram

Who are Apryl and Daryl?

Apryl is a 22-year-old restaurant manager living in Montreal, Canada.

Daryl, on the other hand, is thought to be an Ohio artist, who Apryl describes as “incredibly talented”.

They first met on Instagram, after Daryl sent Apryl a drawing he had done of a selfie posted by her.

Apryl and Daryl started off being just friends, however over the past year, she has realised she wants more with him.

Apryl and Daryl on Catfish: The TV Show

Apryl and Daryl have been speaking online for the last four years.

He has spent those years drawing portraits of Apryl and sending them to her, as well as posting them on his Instagram.

Revealing that Daryl has made her feel like a “confident woman”, she went on to say that he also makes her feel happy.

She initially had no reason to doubt Daryl, as their relationship was growing, but over the past few months, some strange things have happened.

This includes Apryl receiving a message from his sister saying “Hey”, before Daryl sent her a DM telling her to ignore it.

Then, Daryl’s social media started to deactivate, and then reappear. When questioned, he said he needed to disappear for a while, but didn’t say why.

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Where are Apryl and Daryl now?

First of all, social media appears to suggest that Daryl could be a real person, and might actually not be a catfish.

We found Daryl on Instagram and Facebook – and he is friends with Apryl on there. However, neither of them are showing their relationship status.

Apryl continues to be a restaurant manager, while Daryl often shares his latest artwork. He has also kept his drawings of her on his page.

It appears that the couple could still be linked romantically, as Daryl commented on Apryl’s latest photo with fire emojis!

Could this be a successful love story on Catfish: The TV Show? It’s looking hopeful, but we will have to tune in to find out for sure…



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