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Briana DeJesus engagement is over despite flashy ring on Teen Mom

Briana DeJesus was wearing an engagement ring on Teen Mom 2’s recent season launch. This left MTV viewers seriously confused about what’s going on in her love life… What happened to Javi?

The reality TV star revealed she plans to meet with Kail’s baby daddy Chris. She went on to admit they often reply to each other’s Instagram stories, that he asked for her number, and said he wants her on his podcast.

However, she appeared to be wearing an engagement ring during this conversation. We got down to grips with what happened between Briana and love interest Javier Gonzalez, and whether they are engaged.

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Is Briana from Teen Mom still engaged?

No, Briana is no longer engaged. She was wearing her engagement ring on Teen Mom season 11’s first episode because it was filmed several months ago, shortly after she became his fiancee in May 2021.

Fans began to speculate a month after their engagement that they are no longer together. Javi and Briana unfollowed each other on Instagram, and she deleted all the pictures of him on her feed.

Several viewers noticed that the season isn’t up-to-date with their current lives, while others were simply just confused. The truth is that Briana has since taken her diamond engagement ring off, seven months after their split.

What happened between Briana and Javi?

Briana and Javi are no longer a couple. They were previously engaged but later split, despite being so infatuated with each other at one point that they even got matching tattoos!

With their break-up confirmed in August 2021, Javi claimed they split over “different principles”, telling fans during an Instagram Q&A that Briana is “not for him” but added there are no hard feelings between them.

Briana gave her side of the story, too. As reported by The Sun, she said:

I came to the conclusion that I thought I wanted to be in a relationship but in reality, the thought of it sounded nice but I am just not ready for it. Had a great year with him but right now I have other plans. Maybe in the future we will meet again. I love him and he’s a great guy.

She met Kail’s ex and baby daddy

During the first episode of Teen Mom 2, Briana revealed she was going to Philadelphia to meet Kail’s baby daddy. She was invited to do an episode on his podcast, which is focused on single fathers.

Kail drove to Philadelphia, where they met up at a mutual spot to “be professional.” She added that there is “no sneaky links going on” and admitted they don’t like each other in a romantic way.

Briana then referenced her ex Devon going on Kail’s podcast, and said she doesn’t keep anything from Javi. She said:

I told him, he knows. He obviously has his concerns, like, are you sure this is a good idea? Javi said, “You know, it is what it is. I support you, just don’t make me look stupid.”



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