Every Tuesday night, MTV brings out a new episode of Catfish: The TV Show. Tonight, Bryn and Stephanie’s story is followed closely.

With the help of catfish hunters Nev Schulman and Kamie Crawford, Bryn tries to find out if Stephanie – who he has spoken to online – is actually real.

It comes as part of a new Catfish episode, where people who have formed connections online try to find out who their virtual friend really is.

So, where are Bryn and Stephanie from Catfish: The TV Show now? Who are they and what happened between them? We have the lowdown…

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Who are Bryn and Stephanie?

Bryn is a 23-year-old guy living in South Carolina.

He admitted to having watched Catfish: The TV Show for the first time, only a few days before he wrote to Nev and Kamie.

Bryn met a girl called Stephanie from Washington, about a year ago, through a mutual friend.

Stephanie claims she is also 23, and a travelling nurse. Despite talking to her for a year, he admits that he split with his girlfriend six months ago.

Bryn and Stephanie: What happened?

Bryn has been speaking to Stephanie for a year, and immediately began thinking that she is the one after being introduced to her.

They’ve had several phone calls, which he says was able to stimulate his heart, which led to him wanting to meet her in person.

However, they haven’t been able to take their relationship to the next level, due to Stephanie’s busy work schedule during the pandemic.

Although neither of them have video-chatted before, Bryn believes that Stephanie is who she says she is, but wants to meet her.

After finding out that Stephanie is staying at a certain hotel, he gives her a call. She then tells him that she is “not going to risk her family”.

Stephanie adds that she is “not saying that she doesn’t care”, which may add to Bryn’s suspicion as to why she does not want to FaceTime him.

Where are Bryn and Stephanie now?

Following their episode, Bryn and Stephanie cannot be found on social media, and seem to be keeping away from the spotlight.

However, fans seem to be interested in Bryn, with one viewer writing on an episode clip: “Brian my inbox is open and I’m ready.”

Another wrote: “OMG he’s adorable.”

Those who regularly watch the show don’t have high hopes, with several claiming that they don’t think Stephanie is the girl in the pictures.

We will have to watch the episode on May 25th to find out!



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