Teen Mom fans are devastated, after Catelynn Baltierra announced that the “rumors are true” regarding Tyler’s father Butch.

It comes after several episodes of the MTV show saw Tyler deal with his father – and sister’s alcoholism, which saw them get clean and relapse.

Fans have been wondering how Butch is doing ever since cameras focused on his journey, until Catelynn confirmed rumors on social media.

Many Teen Mom viewers were led to think that the Baltierra father may have died, but the reality star is now being accused of clickbait.

Moms Under Pressure! | Teen Mom 2 Official Trailer

Moms Under Pressure! | Teen Mom 2 Official Trailer

Catelynn confirms ‘rumors are true’

The Teen Mom star took to Twitter to confirm the rumors circulating.

She shared a picture of her husband Tyler and his father Butch, and wrote: “Devastated to confirm the rumors are true.”

Catelynn continued by writing to her fans: “Thank you as always for the outpouring of love and support.”

She then shared a link which took people to a Celebuzz article, with the title reading ‘Tyler opens up about relapse’.

The Tweet initially led several fans to think that Butch may have died.

Did Butch from Teen Mom die?

Although Catelynn may have made it appear that Butch could have died, she never actually stated or confirmed a death.

The rumors she was referring to were that Tyler has opened up about his father’s relapse, which was shown on Teen Mom.

Fans may have noticed that the article Catelynn shared a link to dates back to April 2021, and is slightly outdated compared to the July 21st Tweet.

There have been no confirmations of Butch’s death, at the time of writing. In the past, Catelynn has shared clickbait posts, such as a ‘divorce‘.

Tyler also shared a post just one day before Catelynn’s social media post, where he opened up about his fitness journey.

The post by Catelynn cannot be out ruled, as it could still refer to death.

Fans react to Catelynn’s post

Viewers accused the MTV star of using clickbait to make them think Butch could be dead, in order to “earn money”.

Some said that it is not the first time that a Teen Mom star has misled fans.

Catelynn, who turned off comments underneath the post, has been questioned by some of Tyler’s followers.

One said: “how are you okay with insinuating something happened to butch also how many times will you post and delete something in similar terms?”

Underneath the article, another fan wrote: “Misleading post I though his dad died how much do get paid for every click?”

However, others have believed the rumors, with a fan writing: “I’m so sorry to hear about your dad” under Tyler’s latest post.



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