Who is Delainey Shae on Siesta Key? Get to know Brandon's baby mom!

Delainey Shae has made an appearance on MTV’s Siesta Key several times. She is best known for being Brandon Gomes’ baby mom.

Siesta Key is set out to be the perfect summer vacation for the MTV show, but along the way, dramas, friendships, and babies have shown up.

Viewers are wanting to get to know Delainey Shae more, which comes almost a year after Brandon first posted a baby picture on Instagram.

So, who is Delainey Shae? What happened between her and Brandon? Let’s get the latest on how motherhood is going for her.

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Who is Delainey Shae?

Delainey Shae is Brandon Gomes’ baby mom.

She currently lives in Florida, and attended Florida Gulf Coast University, where she graduated from in 2020.

The mom-of-one is attending graduate school for occupational therapy.

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Delainey and Brandon: What happened?

Delainey and Brandon got together between at the end of summer, in 2019.

Brandon was dating Camilla Cattaneo, but they split when Brandon revealed he hooked up with another girl, and has a son with her.

Delainey and Brandon are not in a relationship, although she has since revealed she always wanted Brandon in his son’s life.

She has told him that stepping up and seeing their son is really important. Delainey often takes him for walks and spends a lot of time with him.

Agreeing that they are “friends for life now”, Delainey has recently been accused by fans of wanting to be romantically involved with Brandon.

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Who is Brandon Gomes’ child?

  • Quincy

Brandon and Delainey’s son is called Quincy, who was born in August 2020.

It is the first time that Brandon has become a father, so Delainey has taught him how to change his diaper and give their son a bottle.

Brandon revealed that he was not there for the whole pregnancy. He proudly showed off his son Quincy in an Instagram post last year.

Several fans have shared their support, with one writing: “He is such a cutie pie. You’re going to have your hands full when he starts dating lol.”

Delainey responded to the viewer with: “Lol already do.”



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