Teen Mom’s Cory Wharton has been competing on MTV’s The Challenge for some time, but he recently made his return to the show…

Several fans have noticed that each time he comes back to the house, it doesn’t come without a big announcement about his return.

As a result, MTV’s viewers are currently hoping for him to win The Challenge just so he can stop announcing the comeback.

Now, many are asking why he always leaves the show just to return, and if he is going home any time soon. Reality Titbit has the lowdown on Cory.

The Challenge | Spies, Lies & Allies Official Super Trailer | MTV

The Challenge | Spies, Lies & Allies Official Super Trailer | MTV

Does Cory Wharton go home?

Spoiler alert: Yes, Cory will be eliminated by Logan. Spoilers by The Challenge fandom reported that he is the 18th player to be sent home.

Amber and Jeremiah are then thoughtto be sent home by Cory and Bettina, then Bettina is eliminated by Emy.

Shortly after, Logan wins and sends Cory home, much to fan disappointment who want him to win this season.

Bettina is thought to have saved Cory during last week’s elimination, though, so we will still have him on our screens for a little longer.

Cory has left The Challenge before

Cory has previously left MTV show The Challenge due to being eliminated and sent home, and therefore not winning the entire season.

He was actually kicked off the show in the Final Reckoning season in 2018, after getting into a physical altercation with Tony Raines.

The reality star has actually come close to winning before, and made four finals – but it’s brought some prize money into his pocket!

This season, he returns to the house on the October 13th episode, but several fans think he is only still part of this season due to his partner.

He has not been sent home yet – much to some fan’s approval – and has been put into tonight’s challenge alongside Jeremiah.

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Cory is banned from the reunion

Cory has been banned from the reunion due to his vaccination status.

He reportedly wrote on Twitter: “No challenge reunion for me, they said due to my vaccination status.

“They really are strong-arming ppl nowadays. Smh.”

The Tweet declaring why he is banned from the reunion has since been deleted, but several fans saw the post before it got taken down.

While some fans said they didn’t care if he attended or not, others revealed they think he should not have disclosed his opinions about the vaccine.

For the upcoming reunion – rumored to be taking place in Amsterdam soon – cast members will have to quarantine for five to ten days.



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