Donna Walkerdine’s illness explained - heart’s pour out for Charlotte’s mum on Teen Mom UK: Young and Pregnant

Donna Walkerdine’s illness explained - heart’s pour out for Charlotte’s mum on Teen Mom UK: Young and Pregnant

Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant UK has captured the hearts of viewers with its first season on MTV.

Although all four girls have huge fan bases, there is one young mother in particular who has been the fan-favourite from the start: Charlotte O’Connor.

Charlotte, the youngest at just 16-years-old, is raising her twin daughters without the help of the children’s father and all the while is looking after her terminally ill mother.

The question of her mother’s illness has been raised time and again, as they never disclosed what disease she suffered from. So, what illness does Charlotte’s mother, Donna Walkerdine have?

Hearts breaking for Donna and Charlotte

Although they haven’t liked to discuss the tragic realities of Donna’s illness, it has been an unavoidable topic during the MTV series. Particularly as there have been moments where Donna has physically struggled and required help from her daughters.

Donna has three children, a son named Thomas and two daughters, Danni and Charlotte. All three of her children have their own kids. So, Donna is ‘Nanny Don-Dons’ to five grandchildren.

Inevitably, viewers’ hearts were breaking for young mum Charlotte and the rest of the O’Connor and Walkerdine family. A moment we’ll never forget is when Donna recorded a video message for Isabella and Brianna’s 18th birthday… she had us all in floods of tears!

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What illness does Donna have?

The show never specified what illness Donna has, but from the outset they explained its severity and that there was no cure.

One fan Tweeted that she had the same condition, which is polymyositis. Polymyositis is a rare muscle disease that involves inflammation of the muscles. It also has many similarities to autoimmune disorders, where your immune system mistakenly attacks your own body tissues.

Considering Donna’s condition on the show, there are definite similarities with polymyositis, so there is a chance that this is what she suffers from.

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Donate to the Go Fund Me

A family fund has been set up on Go Fund Me for people to donate to. Andrea Kerrigan and Donna Walkerdine are the organisers of this fundraiser.

In an Instagram post, Donna wrote: “Me and my family would appreciate if you would all kindly donate so we can make memories that will live on forever.”

So far, £1,145 has been raised of their £2,000 target. But we’re sure this is going to continue growing considering the response Donna and Charlotte got from the show. 

You can find the Go Fund Me page here.




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