Double Shot At Love: Are Pretty Ricky and Derynn still together now?
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Double Shot At Love: Are Pretty Ricky and Derynn still together now?

MTV’s Double Shot At Love features firm favourites from Jersey Shore Pauly D and Vinny Guadagnino who are on the search for love.

The two reality stars live in a house with 20 single women competing for their hearts, before the guys are seen reuniting with their favourite exes in Las Vegas. Challenges such as a talent show showcase the women – including cast member Derynn Paige – performing to win them over.

Along the way, the women meet other men who take their fancy. Derynn met Pretty Ricky when the cast went on the town for a night out with Pauly D and Vinny. But the main question on everyone’s minds is whether Derynn and Pretty Ricky are still together. We done some digging to find out!

Screenshot: Derynn Paige Double Shot At Love, MTV

Are Pretty Ricky and Derynn still together?

Ricky and Derynn were seen making their relationship official in last night’s episode (September 17). They are still publicly flirting with each other, but it hasn’t been confirmed whether they are still together. Even so, it looks like they are on very good terms. Derynn recently posted an Instagram picture with some glasses on, with Ricky commenting: “I’d willing stay after class for extra credit, maybe detention, either or.” Derynn responded to him: “You’re already expelled.”

However on Twitter Derynn has told viewers to wait until next week’s episode of Double Shot At Love to find out if they are still together. And straight after last night’s episode, she announced something which pretty much gives the status of their relationship away.

Although this isn’t confirmed to be with Pretty Ricky himself, she retweeted a fan’s Tweet which states: “@RickyRogers_being so sweet to @Derynn_Paige is the cutest. Men, take note!”

So it looks pretty good for all those who ship Pretty Ricky and Paige, but we will have to wait and see for definite in next week’s Double Shot At Love episode.

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Pretty Ricky and Derynn on Double Shot At Love

Derynn met Pretty Ricky on a night out, however none of the cast members knew he was a stripper. They got together before Derynn later found out about his job. After they met up for a second time, they went home together. This led to some complications, and Derynn told Vinny that she didn’t usually invite people back. However, they ended up later going on a date together and hitting it off straight away.

In last night’s episode, Derynn and Ricky made their relationship official. They kissed and Ricky plucked up the courage to ask Derynn to be his girlfriend. Fans have taken to a public forum to discuss if they are still loved up.

Fans discuss the Double Shot At Love relationship

After the most recent episode, viewers took to a public forum to discuss whether Derynn and Ricky are still together. One fan said the pair done a Facebook live which seemed like they were “in the same apartment”, with many other viewers believing they are still together.

While many of their fans are hoping they are still official, some aren’t so sure they are. One person said they  “don’t know” as they “didn’t really confirm on Twitter”, and another viewer said we will have to wait until next week to find out.



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