Season 37 of The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies premiered last week and has already caught the attention of the audience with its interesting line-up of contestants. Joining them this week will be Ed Eason and fans are eager to learn more about him. Here’s everything we know.

The Challenge offered a sneak peek of Episode 2 by sharing a teaser on Twitter, featuring Ed. While introducing himself on camera, he says: “People are just going to think that I am just fun silly dude, but I am kind of a genius in disguise.”

Meet Ed Eason from The Challenge

The Challenge isn’t Ed’s first game show. He is known for appearing on Netflix’s The Circle Season 1, which premiered in January 2020.

The 25-year-old hails from Philadelphia and wants to create “chaos” on the MTV show, or at least that’s what he says to his fellow contestants.

Ed could be a tough competition considering he’s an athlete and an extreme sports junkie. He also has an Ivy League degree in engineering. Talking about Ed’s taste in music, he says he listens to “all of it”.

Furthermore, he believes people have an incorrect image of him.

“Just because I am not the tallest dude out there, people are going to underestimate me. But I am a powerhouse. Don’t get me wrong, “ Ed explains.

Who is he paired with?

Ed will partner Andreea Emilia “Emy” Alupie for the mission Heli Heist in Episode 2 of The Challenge.

Emy was paired with Corey L in the first episode of The Challenge for the mission, “compromised”. She is a Romanian rapper known for her appearances on X Factor Romania and Survivor Romania.

Meanwhile, Ed’s entry followed Nam’s elimination prior to Back Me Up. He was disqualified from the game last week after he tested positive for COVID-19.

Reportedly, all the contestants entered a 10-day quarantine following Nam’s diagnosis, but it was unaired.

The Challenge contestant’s Instagram explored

Ed has around 95,000 followers on Instagram. His latest posts are from his appearance on The Challenge.

Much before The Challenge teased its cast, Ed shared a post on Instagram revealing he was entering the show.

He wrote: “Well I guess its out now!! Agent Ed hopped into this Challenge mumbo jumbo to cause some chaos!! Came in hot like a wawa meatball sub! You bet your ass they aint ready for my bayou nonsense but I aint holding back no way howzaaatt!”

In another post, he shared a picture from the sets of The Challenge while sporting his outfit in the competition. His caption read: “Some challenge vibes for your Mondee cause ed don’t care what day it is! I was never in this town but I love the name.”

As far as Ed’s personal life is concerned, he appears to be dating Miranda, with whom he has shared several pictures on his personal account.

The Challenge airs on Wednesdays on MTV.

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