Ex on the Beach has returned to our television screens for season 9.

Since True Love or True Lies? has ended, we’re glad that MTV has given us another dramatic dating show pretty much straight away.

But what do we know about this year’s contestants? Well, one of them already has a high-profile and appeared on another familiar reality TV show.

On that note, here’s all you need to know about ex-Made in Chelsea star Daisy Robins.


How Old is Daisy Robins?

Daisy is in the middle of the pack of this season’s contestants, age-wise.

Miss Robins is 25 years old.

Where is Daisy From?

Daisy is from London and was born in Chelsea.

In fact, she is Chelsea through and through. Her family has lived there for a few generations and Daisy seems to love being in SW3.

Wouldn’t we all?

Where Does Daisy Live?

Unsurprisingly, Daisy still resides in Chelsea. Although she travels the world frequently, she also flies home to Chelsea. Probably to get back to her job, right?

Well, no.

Daisy doesn’t actually have a job. Apparently, a 9-5 job would get in the way of her desired lifestyle…

When Was Daisy on Made in Chelsea?

Daisy appeared in the fourth summer series of the E4 show: Made in Chelsea Ibiza.

She went to school with Louise Thompson and Rosie Fortescue, and later with Sam Thompson, Frankie Gaff and Olivia Bentley.

She was pretty cosy with Jamie and co in the Ibiza series but hasn’t appeared on the show since.

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What is Daisy’s Family Like?

Pretty much as you’d expect a Chelsea family to be.

Daisy’s grandparents once owned the building that is now famous Made in Chelsea hotspot The Bluebird, while her grandmother trained Walt Disney’s polo horses.

Presumably, they were called Pegasus (Hercules) and Bullseye (Toy Story).

Did Daisy Go to University? What Did She Study?

Daisy went to university and holds a pretty impressive degree.

She has a Masters in international fashion management from the London College of Fashion. This degree was actually combined with Chinese and Accountancy.

Speaks the most complex language in the world… ends up pointing at her crotch on Instagram… oh and on Ex on the Beach…

What is Daisy’s Relationship History Like?

Well, not great, considering she’s appearing on Ex on the Beach.

Daisy admitted that she’s had some tough luck and a bad run when it comes to the boyfriend department but is now looking for love.


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