The heart-pounding MTV series, Ex On The Beach is back but this time with a twist, The One That Got Away, and Reality Titbit sat down with the cast ahead of the new season, which starts on May 9.

This time, the exes coming out of the dreaded waters are all here to declare their undying love and reveal that their exes are literally ‘The One That Got Away.’

The fan-favorite MTV show has been around since 2014, and this season is set to be as dramatic as ever. (Trust us, we’ve seen the first ep!)

We take a look at what Ex on the Beach: The One That Got Away cast mates, Ollie, Junior, Chloe, Charlie, and Charlotte had to say about the upcoming series.

The cast opens up about how it really feels to wait on the dreaded beach

We started by asking the cast how it actually feels to wait on the dreaded beach with the tablet of terror we all get secondhand anxiety from. 28 year-old Ollie had one very direct word, to say. “Diarrhoea.” Nice!

He then went on to describe the feeling in more detail as he said: “You get severe anxiety, it’s just so nerve-wracking, you have no idea who’s coming if it’s your ex or not.”

Charlotte then revealed that they leave you there waiting for around 40 mins, and said it’s ‘indescribable’ the number of things and ideas that run through your head.

Chloe added: “It’s the fear of the unknown of which ex it’s going to be.”

The cast were filming in Gran Canaria for a few weeks, although they were all in agreement that it felt like a lifetime.

As they filmed over a year ago, they admit they’ve forgotten a lot of what happened, although the anxiety on the beach can never be forgotten!

However, it means they’re just excited to watch as us!

The cast aren’t told they’re going on Ex on the Beach straight away

The question which has been on everyone’s mind since season 1 of the MTV show in 2014 is, does the cast know which show they’re going on? If so, why on Earth would they agree?

Of course, we asked the Ex on the Beach cast what goes down during the casting process, (well for the new season at least).

Ollie revealed that you do know which show you’re going on, but they don’t tell you instantly.

Speaking on her experience, Chloe, who also starred in Geordie Shore‘s Hot Single Summer said: “I got told it was a dating show, I didn’t know exactly what is was until later on.”

Although we’re sure a lot of the cast wasn’t too excited when they found out they were going to have to endure their exes, 24-year-old Charlotte said when she found out she thought: “Omg Ex on the Beach, I love it, I watch that!”

It seems like we have some detectives in the cast in fitness fanatics Charlie and Junior who both said they clicked on when they were asked at the end of the interview to see pictures of their ex, ‘just so producers knew what their type was.’

Sneaky, but not sneaky enough for these two!

Strong connections were made in the villa

Although exes are brought in to stir things up, as we’ve seen in the past, genuine connections can (and may have) been made between cast members.

In the first episode, we see former reality TV stars Charlie and Chloe go on a cozy hot tub date, and sparks seemed to be flying, although neither of them wanted to put their eggs in one basket straight away.

We guess we’ll have to wait and see how that one panned out, but the cast did reveal that a lot of connections were made and this format of Ex on The Beach was totally different to the rest.

Although we’ll have to wait and see what happened after Charlie and Chloe’s date, Ollie revealed that he found a connection in there, and a year down the line, is still connected to the mystery person!

We can’t wait to see that love story blossom!

And it seems like it wasn’t just Ollie who found a connection, as Charlie revealed the show had romance as well as drama.

“Everyone loves a love story, and there were a couple of couples who did have that love story and happy ending, and that was really nice.” The suspense is killing us!

Charlie has a ‘traumatising’ reunion with his ex

Of course, Reality Titbit had to ask the cast who in the series had the most dramatic reunion with their ex, to which they all unanimously replied Charlie.

Junior even went as far to say: “One million percent Charlie.”

Charlie is no stranger to reality TV, as he previously starred in MTV’s Are You The One UK, to which he described himself as a ‘nightmare kid’ and Take Me Out when he was 19.

Charlotte, who was on the beach with him at the time of the encounter said: “I definitely agree, I was on the beach and I didn’t blink.”

Ollie exclaimed: “I just don’t know how you have that much drama. That was mental.”

Speaking on the reunion Charlie said: “It was such a big shock because I didn’t expect what happened, to have double trouble, I just couldn’t get a word in edgeways. I had to take a time out, it got intense.”

Is he teasing two exes at once? If so, he really must be the one who got away!

He then said a year later he’d ‘only just recovered’ from the ‘traumatising’ experience. We’ll be getting our popcorn ready for that episode for sure!

The gang also teased an emotional reunion with one couple, as Charlotte revealed she cried for half an hour and had to re-do her makeup three times, yikes!

Charlie Ex on The Beach: The One That Got Away standing on beach with swimming shorts
Credit: MTV/Ex on the Beach

Despite the emotions and drama, the cast agreed that they had the ‘Summer of their lives’ and they made strong friendships as well as connections they “never thought they’d make.”

With a cast as entertaining as this one we can’t wait to see what else unfolds!

Ex on the Beach UK: The One That Got Away launches on Paramount+ UK and MTV on 9th May. 

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