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How to watch Ex on the Beach: Peak of Love in the UK - will it come to British MTV?

Love Island isn’t the first to switch up the standard trope of dating shows to be set in a sunny holiday destination for a winter location. Ex on the Beach’s spinoff, Peak of Love did it first over December 2019!

The MTV series kicked off on American screens on December 5th, 2019 and saw ten reality stars head to Queenstown, New Zealand for a romantic wintry getaway. Oh, but their exes will be there too.

It follows the exact same format as the original show, but swaps out suntans for snowboards.

So, considering that the series features many of Britain’s most popular reality stars, most MTV fans in the UK are desperate to watch the brand new series. Find out everything you need to know here.

Screenshot: Callum’s Ex Puts His Relationship w/ Georgia On Thin Ice – MTV Reality YouTube

Meet the Peak of Love celebrities

This inaugural winter season of Ex on the Beach sees ten single celebs head to a snowy New Zealand resort.

This includes Love Island star Georgia Steel and Ibiza Weekender‘s Callum Izzard. They will be joined by stars from The Bachelorette, American Idol and even RuPaul’s Drag Race icon Adore Delano.

Considering they have big name reality stars, it’s not surprising that they have big name exes too.

Some of the other Love Island stars are rocking up to wreak havoc for Gee including Niall Aslam and Sam Bird. Callum’s exes hitting the show are Paris Decaro and Megan Nash, however less is known about them as they are not reality stars.

How to watch Ex on the Beach: Peak of Love in the UK

There are a couple of ways to watch this season of Ex on the Beach in the UK.

First one is pretty much straight forward and the best option. MTV allows you to stream full episodes of the dating series on their website, however it is only available to viewers in the US. So, with the little help of a VPN tool, you can watch the episodes for free on MTV here.

You can try this method to watch the series on Amazon Prime, however you will need to pay to download the series as well; it is not included in the Prime deal.

The alternative is to watch the best bits and highlights through the MTV Reality YouTube channel. They have clips from all their American series, plus loads of the juicy moments from Ex on the Beach: Peak of Love.

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Screenshot: Callum’s Ex Puts His Relationship w/ Georgia On Thin Ice – MTV Reality YouTube

Will Peak of Love air on UK TV?

Back in October 2019, Metro reported that Ex on the Beach: Peak of Love would start airing in the UK in January 2020. However, as we’re now into February and there’s been no trace of the series in Blighty, that hasn’t been the case.

There are many reasons that there could be a delay in releasing the season in the UK.

First and foremost, we think MTV have held back their broadcast as currently Celebrity Ex on the Beach and Winter Love Island are airing. It is most likely that the series will air after these two shows have concluded.

Love Island finishes on Sunday, February 23rd and it is unconfirmed when Celebrity Ex on the Beach will finish, but considering the amount of episodes in previous seasons, it will see us through the whole of March. That means it might not be until April 2020 when Ex on the Beach: Peak of Love hits UK screens.



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