Families of The Mafia: Meet the Cutolo's from Billy to Layla on Instagram!

Families of The Mafia: Meet the Cutolo's from Billy to Layla on Instagram!

Families of The Mafia is back with season 2 welcoming some new families. The Cutolo family are one of the new additions, bringing to the show a long-standing family history of mafia crime.

The Cutolo family featured in the series will show their journey of escaping the mafia and returning to normal life after their time in the witness protection program.

But who are the current generation of the Cutolo family?

Billy Cutolo Jr.

The son of William Cutolo, once a notorious Brooklyn mobster who committed several murders, followed in his father’s footsteps through illegal gambling, loansharking and extortion.

In 2001, when Billy’s father, William disappeared and was later pronounced murdered, Billy and his family were entered into the witness protection programme. Here, Billy avenged his father’s death by helping to pin down other powerful mob bosses.

As seen in Billy’s Instagram bio he now strives “to make the world a lil lighter/ brighter”, along with an abundance of smiley selfies. Billy’s social media also features a photo captioned ‘WiLD BiLL / At EaSe’, showing his former happy memories of his father, who was often known as ‘Wild bill’.

Bills Cutolo

Billy Jrs son, Bills Cutolo, will also be featuring on the series alongside his sister and mother.

In the season 2 preview, we can hear Bills saying, “the plan wasn’t to be gone our entire lives” when referring to their time in the witness protection programme.

Despite their time under close protection, Bills is now a UCLA graduate, photographer and visual artist. Bills and his father appear to share a close relationship, featuring much of his work photographing his father on his website.

Bills has also recently shared a smiling photo of himself and his father on his Instagram to show off their happy relationship.

Layla Cutolo

Layla Cutolo, son of Billy will also be joining her family in the series. According to Layla’s Instagram, she appears to have a very close-knit relationship with both her father and mother.

Having graduated high school in 2019, we will also discover Layla’s journey as part of the witness protection programme, being at such a young age when entering.

Although it is currently unknown whether Billy Jr’s wife and mother of their children will be joining the family on the show, Billy’s Instagram bio confirms their relationship stating he is a ‘loving husband’.

Season 2 is available to watch in the USA tonight, Thursday 15 July, with viewers in for quite a journey with the Cutolo’s…

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