Floribama Shore: Season 5 air dates explored - is there a reunion?

Floribama Shore: Season 5 air dates explored - is there a reunion?

Floribama Shore is the series where eight adults party for the summer. Now that season 4 is over, we explored when season 5 is airing…

Thursdays may not be the same for a while, as the MTV show have rounded up the fourth season, which was filled with drama, parties and gossip.

From Gus Smyrnios going missing to Jeremiah Buoni’s brother Josh making an appearance on the finale, it’s no wonder that fans want a fifth season.

So, we explored the season 5 potential air dates, and looked at fan’s reactions to the fourth season ending. Also, is a reunion looming?

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Fans react to season 4 ending

Looking through social media, the majority of viewers were disappointed that the fourth season of Floribama Shore had come to an end.

However, there were also opinions that were the complete opposite, from some who didn’t think season 4 deserved any more episodes.

Several put the reason down to Gus Smyrnios’ storyline, who has recently been having issues with co-star Jeremiah Buoni.

One fan wrote on Twitter: “Can’t believe we spent the whole season focused on Gus #FloribamaShore.

Another said: “This season was so painful. Hopefully they regroup & come back better people next half….”

Floribama Shore: Season 5 air date

  • It is likely that season 5 could air in February 2022

Currently, there has been no confirmation of season 5 happening.

However, fans are already wondering when a fifth season is coming on our screens, with several expecting one to arrive by November 2021.

With the last season 4 episode airing on May 13, many were left with a hole in their Thursday night viewings.

Due to Season 4 being filmed in late 2020 and airing between February and May 2021, it’s likely that the next season could be on screens in a year.

Each season usually airs with a year gap, as the the season 3 finale aired on February 2020, before the first season 4 episode in February 2021.

However, some previous seasons have left just nine months – from season 2 to season 3, for example – so we could be seeing earlier episodes!

Will there be a Floribama Shore reunion?

  • Yes, a season 4 reunion has been confirmed

Snooki and Jenni from Jersey Shore will be hosting the reunion show.

The reunion will be split into two halves, with the first airing on Thursday, May 20, and the second on Thursday, May 27.

Candace Rice hinted about what could happen during the reunion. During an interview, she told Tv Insider:

It gets really raw. The tough questions are asked. We have a lot of conversations we’ve been meaning to have regarding everyone in the house. Also, being able to have those tough conversations about the Black Lives Matter movement. We reflect on that when we were in the house. There is a lot of strong and very prominent conversations at the reunion.



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