Gary Shirley is best known as the baby daddy and ex-boyfriend of Teen Mom OG star Amber Portwood. The couple share two children, Leah, 13, and Emilee, six, with Gary having primary custody of both. The whole family has been at the forefront of the media lately for more than one reason.

The latest gossip is to do with a recent Instagram post of him and daughter Leah, as well as his ongoing feud with his ex Amber, as well as his new wife Kristina’s relationship with the kids. Amber and Kristina don’t appear to be too keen on each other and the most recent preview of the show included a clip of the reality star insulting Kristina to Gary. We know, it’s a lot!

Gary has opened up about how much he is missing his daughter, Emilee, amid the drama and we are here to tell all. Keep reading if you want to know more about why the dad of two is struggling as well as all the gossip on Amber’s current struggles with her children.

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Gary is struggling without his daughter

Gary often finds himself missing his daughter, but it seems to be worse lately following the ongoing drama in his life.

His youngest, Emilee, goes to a school with a ‘hybrid’ schedule, meaning some weeks and months she learns from home via E-learning and other times she goes into school.

Understandably this would be difficult for a parent and Gary recently posted on Instagram letting us know just how hard it can be. In the caption he said:

We are missing our little Emmy who is on a hybrid schedule and today is one of her in school days.

Gary Shirley, Teen Mom OG

His other daughter Leah, who recently became a teenager, was in the picture as she was home and got to spend some quality time with her dad. The 13-year-old is very close to her father and is often featured on his Instagram. However, Leah has a much more difficult relationship with her mother and has been taking ‘space’ from her for almost two years now.

Amber’s ‘strained’ relationship with Leah

Amber has had a very up and down relationship with her eldest, Leah, and we have seen that first hand throughout the show, but the relationship seems to be worse than ever at the moment with the Teen Mom star saying:

It’s been a while since I’ve seen her. She hasn’t even answered any of my text messages. She’s not going to answer my phone calls. But she has a Bonus Mom, so…

Amber Portwood, Teen Mom OG

This isn’t something Amber is happy or proud of and the reality TV star has made it known the difficulties they face ‘break her heart’. During a confessional she said:

It truly breaks my heart that Leah and I are drifting apart. For the past six years, I’ve been seeing a psychiatrist. I really think if I could go to therapy with Leah, it would bring us closer together. But Gary and Kristina feel differently.

Amber Portwood, Teen Mom OG

Amber thinks Gary is ‘driving a wedge’ between herself and her daughter

Amber has been going through therapy herself after being diagnosed with borderline personality disorder and bipolar and has only positive things to say about it. She now thinks it may be beneficial for her and her daughter’s relationship if Leah starts to attend too.

I think she’ll be happier in life when it comes to understanding a bit more of what the past was, where things happen today and how I am today and that it’s okay to have a mom who’s been through these things and you shouldn’t be ashamed of that.

Amber Portwood, Teen Mom OG

However, her ex-boyfriend Gary disagrees and, as he has primary custody of their kids, there is nothing Amber can do about it. Amber has previously claimed she thinks Gary is trying to “drive a wedge” between mom and daughter, to which he responded in a conversation with his wife saying:

I’m not gonna sit here and make Leah go somewhere because it’ll help Amber,” Gary told his wife, Kristina, during the episode. How can I encourage Leah to do something she doesn’t wanna do if her mom’s not doing what she needs to do?

Gary Shirley, Teen Mom OG



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