We can all agree that doing anything more than laying in bed and eating takes a serious amount of effort when hungover. For the cast of Geordie Shore however, they had to go mountain biking.

On their final day in Tenerife – yeah they do get out of Newcastle sometimes – and the Geordie’s started the day in iconic fashion.

Duvets dragged to the kitchen, bottles of ketchup and chicken nuggets dotted around the place, and a stench of alcohol whiffing from their beer-stained clothes like you see in cartoons.

On this occasion however, Chloe decided to kick her new-found healthy lifestyle into action and rallied the crew to go mountain biking.

Perfect, Nathan loves mountain biking!

He said: “I’m sorry but I wouldn’t do it in England, so why the f**k would I wanna do it in Tenerife.”

Perhaps this is a motto we can all learn from, if you don’t do it at home then don’t try it abroad.

Dressed in the tightest and brightest lycra on the island, the band of hungover slobs scurried off for their two-wheeled adventure while Sam and Chloe went on a romantic date.

In the taxi and Nathan said: “Who in their right mind goes mountain biking when it’s 1000 degrees outside.”

Sophie explained that the sweat gets rid of alcohol in your body, and that “sweat is your fat crying” – although we’re not sure on the science of that.

Nathan quipped back: “Yeah I’ll be crying because I want to go to f**king bed.”

Tasked with running along the jagged slopes before they even reached the mountain bikes, Nathan pretty much tapped out of the situation.

In fact, he gave up on the idea of balancing his luminous yellow booty in the crack of a bike saddle and pushed his ride instead.

He said: “I ride d*cks, not bikes.”

The crew eventually gave up on their mountain bike expedition all together, cracking open a few beers and slumping to the floor instead.

Thanks for the experiment Geordie Shore but as we now know (as if we didn’t already know) don’t be over ambitious with your hangover aims.

Nathan didn’t even make the night out, he was too exhausted.

SO remember – stay in bed, drink plenty of water and DO NOT try mountain biking when hungover.

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