Scotty T RETURNS to Geordie Shore: Who else is on season 18?

Geordie Shore season 18 is set to return to our screens very soon! (Tuesday, October 16th)

Over the years the cast members have come and gone but there are some OG’s on the return.

Get ready for the Geordies to get mortal all over again.

So, who’s in the Geordie Shore season 18 cast? Is anyone new joining the show?

Who’s in the Geordie Shore season 18 cast? Screen Shot: Geordie Shore season 18 trailer Scotty T – MTV

Sophie Kasaei

First up in the Geordie Shore season 18 cast is OG Sophie Kasaei.

Sophie is one of the original cast members of Geordie Shore from way back when the show first began in 2011!

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Sam Gowland

Sam’s face is more recognisable than most.

Maybe because he went on Love Island series 3 and tried to get cosy with Montana Brown.

There won’t be any funny business from him this season though, as he’s all loved up with co-star Chloe Ferry.

Chloe Ferry

Chloe joined Geordie Shore in 2015 for season 10.

So she’s no newbie to all the antics that go on in the house – or in the club for that matter.

She and fellow G Shore star, Sam Gowland are totally a thing now – let’s hope they don’t get boring!

Faith Mullen

Newbie Faith said there were a few drunken arguments and a few breakdowns when she first joined the show.

But now she’s 100% part of the fam, she’s been sick enough times to join in now.

Adam Guthrie

Adam caused a whole lot of drama when he first joined the house.

Australian Dee Nguyen and Abbie Holborn almost got into a full-blown fight over Adam on his first night on Geordie Shore.

We can’t imagine things will be much different this season!

Alex MacPherson

Australian Alex cracked on with Sophie Kasaei in Queensland last series.

And according to MTV he hasn’t ruled out dating Sophie!

Let’s see how this pans out on UK soil.

Nathan Henry

Nathan’s been part of the G Shore crew since series 10 back in 2015.

He’s in a long-term relationship with Rogan O’Connor.

And his French Bulldog, Woody, is his heart and soul.

Abbie Holborn

21-year-old Abbie joined Geordie Shore in 2016 for series 14.

She’s single, she’s young and she’s only done 4 series so Abbie should be the life and soul of the party.

Holly Hagan

On October 4th 2018 Holly posted on Instagram that her FF boobs are being removed.

We’re just not sure if Geordie Shore will be quite the same.

Holly will never be able to say: “I’m fake I’m flirty and I’ve got double Fs” again!

James Tindale

Another G Shore original set to return to our screens on October 16th is James.

He’s been gone for two seasons now, it’s about time James rejoined the crew for more unruly behaviour.

Kyle Christie

According to The Sun, he’s had £11,000 worth of surgery on his face and he’s still not happy with it.

Kyle Christie is back after a three-year hiatus!

Scotty T

Last but not least, Scotty T’s back for season 18 too.

Scotty managed an 11 season stretch on Geordie shore from 2012-2017.

Now that takes some stamina.

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