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Since it kicked off on Wednesday, August 14th, the show has caught up with many of the fan-favourites from the start of the show such as Gary Beadle, Marnie Simpson, Holly Hagan and Aaron Chalmers at the heart of it.

One of the central changes to our Geordie faves has been their shift from young radgies to young parents! Gaz was the first of the four to start a family with his long-term girlfriend Emma McVey, but Marnie Simpson and Stereo Kicks bae Casey Johnson are up next.

With a baby due in October 2019, the last thing this young couple needs is relationship drama but it wouldn’t be a series of Geordie Shore without some scandal!

In episode 5 (Wednesday, September 11th) rumours of Casey’s infidelity surfaced, causing chaos to break loose between Casey and Marnie. So, did Casey cheat on Marnie?

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Cheating rumours spark

In the episode, Marnie’s agent Craig reaches out to the couple to discuss an email he had received from The Sun.

The email said:

We’re running a story on The Sun website stating that Casey has been sending explicit messages to a woman behind Marnie’s back. The messages include X-rated images from Casey and graphic descriptions of what he would like to do to the woman in question.

It then continued that the woman in question was a 29-year-old from Kent, but The Sun had agreed to keep her identity concealed.

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Casey denies the rumours

Inevitably, the scene went from tense to tearful for both Marnie and Casey.

Marnie explains in the episode that previous partners had cheated on her – notably TOWIE’s Lewis Bloor – and so the whole situation triggered her back to that difficult time. Not the best situation to throw on a mother-to-be…

Casey was adamant that it was false and in his piece-to-camera interview he said: “I just feel like someone is out there to get me.”

But then the tears really started flowing for the couple. Casey said: “I’m so happy with Marnie, I wouldn’t do anything like that.”

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So, did Casey cheat on Marnie?


This couple has faced their fair share of infidelity rumours, and this one (like the rest) was fake.

In the episode, Craig noted that “they must have proof… because obviously if it’s inaccurate then it can lead to legal action.”

As Casey’s rumoured cheating is mentioned nowhere on The Sun website, then it must have been inaccurate.

And thank goodness for them, with a baby on the way!

The couple is more loved up than ever and waiting for their little baby boy to arrive in a months time.

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